10 Ideas for Birthday Nails That Celebrate You

From sweet and pink to fully blinged out, one of these birthday nail ideas is the perfect look for your special day.

Published March 19, 2024
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Give yourself a little treat on your next birthday with our fun and fab birthday nail ideas. Let the world know you're ready to par-tay with celebratory nail designs full of birthday flair. 

Birthday Bling


Give 'em all a little birthday razzle dazzle with some subtle bling. We love the deep pearly purple with a tiny stack of rhinestones on a single, matte nail.

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As Innocent as the Day You Were Born


Remind everyone that you were once a pure and innocent child with simple, sweet white, short, square nails. The look is totally on-trend, and it goes with every color of gift imaginable, so you'll always match as you unwrap.

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Bring on the Balloons


What's more perfect for a birthday than a brightly colored bouquet of balloons? Nails in the same color. Save on the latex (and all the waste balloons inevitably make) by turning your nails into a brightly colored bunch. Choose any colors you like, such as these amazing party colors (a different one for each nail). What could be more festive?

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Ribbon Red


Red nails are having a moment, and what better time to bust out this trendy look than on your birthday? It's the equivalent of tying your whole birthday package up with a pretty red bow. 

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Sparkly Glitter Pony


It's your birthday, so why not let the sparkly glitter pony that lives inside of you out for the day? We love these blingy rounded-tip stiletto nails with bedazzled pink beds, sparkly lavender tips, and some sweet chrome embellishments. 

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Pastel Princess


Relive all your childhood princess fantasies with sweet pastel nails in cotton candy colors. We love these super soft colors fit for any birthday princess or queen. 

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Birthday Coquette


Go soft and flirty on your birthday with cute and stylish coquette nails. If ribbons, bling, and glitter don't scream, "It's my birthday!", nothing will. 

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Gift Wrapped


How much do these nails holler, "It's my birthday!"? With a clever ribbon wrap effect at the top and lots of bling... these nails go perfectly with gifts galore.

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80s Neon


Born in the 80s? Then you def need a mani that harkens back to the styles from the year you were born. We love this bold 80s look with bright neons and geometrics. No need to tease your hair and use a whole can of Aquanet to tell the world your birth decade when your nails can do it for you.

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Trendy Chrome


Instead of birthday bling, opt for sleek and shiny with a chrome nail. We love the bold statement these shiny metallic nails make, especially on your special day. Shine on, birthday girl!

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Let Your Birthday Nails Do the Talking


Celebrate you with one of our birthday nail ideas. From nails that honor the decade of your birth to a super blingy mani that lets the world know you're ready to party, one of our birthday nail ideas will be the perfect look this year. 

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10 Ideas for Birthday Nails That Celebrate You