Beautiful Gray Hair with Highlights

Highlights for Salt and Pepper Hair

Gray hair with highlights is achieved through using foils or a highlighting cap to make application of hair color to select individual strands. This process can create a sun-kissed look or add back a touch of your original color as well as some of the original luster and depth to the washed-out look that can occur with too much gray.

Options for Highlighting Gray Hair

The most common approach for gray hair with highlights is to blend color a shade or two lighter than your original color into your hair. Many people who are mostly gray opt to go with highlights because lighter shades make it less obvious you have colored you hair as your hair grows out.

Adding Lowlights

Another approach to coloring gray hair is to add lowlights. Lowlights are applied using the same process as highlights, but hair dyes applied are a shade or two darker than your original color. This is the perfect way to subtly add color throughout the mane and to blend away much of the gray.

Highlights and Lowlights

Applying both highlights and lowlights to gray hair can add natural depth to the color of your gray hair. Lowlights are a great way to blend away gray hair while highlights offer contrast that can be used to accentuate your hairstyle.

Salt and Pepper Hair

If your hair is more of a salt and pepper type of gray, adding highlights and lowlights, or even just lowlights, blends away most of the gray. The more lowlights applied, the less gray will show.

Benefit of Highlights for Gray Hair

While highlights can be healthier for gray hair than coloring all your hair, another benefit to highlights and lowlights is that they usually last through two haircuts before they have to be reapplied. If hair color is applied to the whole head, most people have to at least do a root touchup every four weeks.

A Stylish Option

Highlights are in style. Many people highlight their hair just because they want blond highlights, so using highlights to blend away your gray is a fashionable way to approach erasing the gray. With highlights, no one will know you are trying to cover the gray unless you tell them.

Choose the Right Shade

Highlighting your hair is an easy and subtle way to erase the gray. Adding a touch of color can freshen your look and update your hairstyle, not to mention provide a younger look. However, be sure to choose highlight and lowlight color shades that complement your skin tone, or coloring your hair can have the opposite effect.

Beautiful Gray Hair with Highlights