7 Flattering Hairstyles for People Blessed With Big Noses

Hair was made for styling not for hiding. Embrace your larger-than-life features with these haircuts that mesh perfectly with big noses.

Updated February 9, 2024

Big noses are beautiful — one look at Gisele Bundchen, Lea Michele, and Viola Davis will tell you that. Finding the best hairstyle to complement your big nose is all about balancing your features. You want to work along with the beauty you were born with.

These looks for your luscious locks are equally as hip and stylish as anything you'd see racing down the catwalks. From hairstyles that emphasize your nose's shape to face-flattering cuts that work with all your features, we've got some great ideas for you to try out. 

The More Layers, the Better


Not only does layered hair soften your features with its wispy face-framing effect, but it can also create gorgeous movement. Whether wavy or straight, a layered look gives the eye a lot to admire without showcasing only one feature. The best part? Layered hair cuts work on any length and hair texture. 

Add Balance With Soft Waves & Curls


Waves and curls widen the face, which can make some features seem smaller. This cut is all about letting your locks unleash their volume on the world. Think of Gisele Bundchen's dreamy waves that create a visual softness. 

Helpful Hack

Using curlers for the first time? Overdirect your hair in the opposite direction that you want volume, and then place the curler at the root. This will give you some big, bountiful waves or curls. 

Stand Out With a Colorful Dye Job


In certain cases, a lighter color can soften the features on your face. We love blondes, pinks, and grays of all kinds. Why not try lavender-hued locks, or play with face-framing highlights? Consult with a color-trained hairdresser about what you're looking for to find the best hair colors for you. 

Grow Your Hair Long


Longer hairstyles can elongate your face and even out prominent features. We love shoulder length and longer looks because they're versatile and beautiful — whether up or down. Create an updo style with tons of volume to widen the look of your face and put all your features in the best light. 

Try Some Side-Swept Bangs


Romantic side-swept bangs really soften the face. Lea Michele's side-swept fringe adds some major ethereal vibes and helps make her face look more oval-shaped. This draws your eyes to her eyes and cheekbones. 

Need to Know

Blunt bangs are stunning, but before you go for the straight-across chop, remember that the blunter the cut, the more attention it draws to the center of your face. Soften the bluntness with some whispy, curtain fringe instead. 

Go for a Bold Pixie Cut


Dare to play up your facial features? Be like Viola Davis and rock a pixie cut. There's a distinct confidence in committing to a big chop that's just the right mix of tough and sweet. We love how this look draws attention to the whole face, showcasing every little bit. 

Need to Know

Just like the pixie cut, the buzz cut is a beautiful look for the bold. This one really makes the eyes and eyebrows pop.

Live Life on the Millennial Side With a Side Part


Side parts are a bit more dramatic than side-swept bangs and they offer even more movement. Shifting a part off-center changes where the eye looks, showcasing the side of the face instead of drawing attention straight down the middle. One side also gets extra volume, creating that wide-lens look, which softens your facial features. 

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What to Avoid


With something as simple as a haircut, you can accentuate the features you love and minimize the ones you're learning to love. Not sure what to go with? These tips can help you avoid making the wrong decision. 

  • Carefully consider short hairstyles. If you absolutely love the pixie cut, but are afraid to go for it, try a wolf cut first. It gives you some of the boldness of a pixie but with lots of layers to soften it.
  • Re-think sharp edges. Just like with blunt bangs, styles with sharp edges might land too harsh with certain features. Softer edges can create a stunning wispy look.
  • Slick-back hair might fall flat. Sometimes flat locks can harden strong features. To soften flat hair or limpy locks, choose waves and curls or a tousled look to add volume. 

Looks & Locks that Big-Nosed Beauties Will Love


We get it — it's scary to experiment with different hairstyles when you've got strong features to consider. But we hope these looks inspire you to try something new. No matter if you rock a pixie or side-swept bangs, the key is to embrace all that is you. You're unique and beautiful just the way that you are. And we hope you find the look that gives you the confidence to love every bit of yourself as much as we do! 

7 Flattering Hairstyles for People Blessed With Big Noses