10 Prom Nail Ideas: Sparkling Designs to Complete Your Look

From sweet and flirty to dramatically elegant, we have all the prom night nail looks you'll ever need (plus tips on how to do them).

Published April 22, 2024
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Prom is finally here! And a special event in your life requires pretty nails. But boy are you doing prom at the perfect time, because there are so many cute nail ideas with pretty colors, fun bows and beads, and amazing nail art. So while you're getting all gussied up for the big event, don't neglect your mani. Use one of pretty prom nail ideas as inspiration.

Flirty Coquette Nails


We love a coquette nail with cute, flirty bows. And this mani is easy enough for you or your friends to do as you get ready for prom if you don't want to spring for a professional mani. If your nail length and shape need a little help, you can also paint these on pink press-on nails.

Get the coquette look for your prom nails:

Gold Glam


Metallic nails are having a moment, and these embellished sparkly gold nails are perfect for prom! With bows, pearls, and rosettes along with all that sparkle, they're the perfect nails for fancy occasions like prom. Short nails? You can always start with square French-tipped press-on nails and embellish them from there. 

Get our golden prom nails look:

Simply Embellished


How sweet are these simple French tips with a single-flower surprise? We love the understated elegance of it all with something that's just a little bit fancy. 

Get these simple and sweet prom nails:

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Spring Celebration


The blossoms are the star of these simple nails, and it's so easy to do with a natural polish and some nail stickers. These work for any shape or length of nails, and it's a fun way to show your creativity as part of your prom look.

Get these floral prom nails:

Helpful Hack

My talented nail tech tells me that the easiest way to apply nail decals is to place them using tweezers on the slightly tacky or dry nail surface and then paint them over with a top coat. It's like the decals are filling in a nail polish sandwich.

Red Is for Roses (and Other Posies)


You can never go wrong with a simple red mani for any occasion. But wow, does this simple design kick it up a notch. It says a lot with very little. Opt for roses or any other cute flowers, just on the tips (so you may need to trim the flowers in half). If you want these exact roses, have one of your pals or your manicurist free-hand them for you.

Get this red and rosy prom mani:

Super Soft Pink


These ultra-feminine nails aren't super hard to do, and they allow a lot of room for creative freedom. The trick is to use fine-tipped nail art pens and brushes with your black polish to carefully draw on your design before you place the bow and rhinestones.

Get this super soft prom nails look:

Drama, Drama, Drama!


With alternating glossy black and matte nude with a black French tip (plus cute embellishments), these prom nails are all about the drama! These are perfect for elegant attire.

Get these dramatic prom nails:

The Little Black Dress of Prom Nails


If a little black dress (LBD) for prom is wrong, then we don't want to be right. And to accompany your LBD look — these gorgeous chrome and black nails contrast matte black with shiny gold. 

Get these LBD prom nails:

Helpful Hack

Paint your entire nail black, and then apply the chrome powder in layers for the desired color. After the powder sets, carefully paint the matte top coat over the black parts of the nails, keeping it away from the gold. 

Glitter Glam


Glitter top coats allow you to add a little glam to any color nail polish you choose. So match your dress, or choose a complementary color and paint over it with a sparkly glitter top coat and be the sparkly glitter prom princess you always knew you could be. 

Get this glitter glam prom nails look:

Helpful Hack

For this diffused glitter look, only apply one top coat. If you want the glitter more concentrated, apply a second top coat.

Rose Gold Glitter Girl


Whether you do a single nail or every one of them, we adore this rose gold glittery polish. Rose gold goes with both silver and gold, so you can wear it with almost anything and look effortlessly elegant.

Get rose gold prom nails:

Perfect Prom Nails for Every Look


You only have one prom, so you should totally go for it with your nails. Whether you choose simple and elegant or super embellished and blingy, you'll have the perfect nails for the best night of your life so far.

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10 Prom Nail Ideas: Sparkling Designs to Complete Your Look