British Revolutionary War Uniform

British Uniform

The uniforms of the British soldiers during the Revolutionary War were so iconic that they inspired the nickname "Red Coats." While the uniforms of the American Patriots were haphazard and inconsistent, the British military were well-funded and equipped and had distinctive uniforms for each type of soldier. If you're planning a history lesson, play, or reenactment, you can find the elements you need to reconstruct this important outfit.

British Foot Soldiers

According to, most British foot soldiers wore a uniform consisting of the following elements.

Cocked Hat

The British soldiers wore a distinctive hat called a bicorne or "cocked hat." Made of black wool felt or fur, it had two points to channel rain away from the face and body.

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Red Coat

Man Dressed as British Redcoat
British Redcoat

Perhaps the most important part of the British uniform was the red coat. The exact style of the coat varied depending on whether the soldier was light infantry, a grenadier, or played another role. However, they were almost always made of high quality red wool and trimmed in wool and linen. The color of the facings on the coat varied with the regiment, and the style could also vary slightly depending on the role.

The Sons of the American Revolution of California has extensive information about the specific colors used in uniforms, including the following:

  • Many regiments had coats faced with yellow wool.
  • Royal regiments wore red coats with blue facing.
  • Light infantry had shorter jackets that didn't feature tails in the back.

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Fitted Waistcoats

Each soldier wore a fitted waistcoat, or vest, beneath his jacket. Often, these waistcoats were red, but they could also be other colors depending on the regiment. Some also wore white, buff, or dark blue.

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British Revolutionary Knee Breeches
Knee Breeches

Knee Breeches

On the bottom, the British soldier wore slim-fitting white or buff breeches that ended in a buttoned cuff just below the knee. They would pair these with white stockings.

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British General Officer

In many respects, the officers of the British Army wore the same things as the enlisted soldiers. However, there were some important variations.

Officer's Coats

British Revolutionary Officers Coat
British Officers Coat

Officer's coats were also red, but they were heavily decorated with gold braid and gold buttons. They often included gold-fringed epaulets.

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Most officers also wore sashes. These long strips of cloth often had fringed ends. The sashes were usually red, but they could feature other colors, such as black, white or gold. In addition to their decorative function, these sashes could act as a stretcher to help transport a wounded officer off the battlefield.

Officer Sash | Photo courtesy GG Godwin Inc.
Officer Sash

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Officers also wore gorgets, or gold metal plates, that hung on the front of their coats. These gorgets frequently included engraved details about the regiment.

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Important Part of History

The uniform of the British soldiers during the Revolutionary War was distinctive, and it's an important part of American history. No reenactment or play about the American Revolution is complete without these iconic outfits.

British Revolutionary War Uniform