11 Knife Storage Ideas to Safely Stow Your Blades

Get your kitchen organized with clever knife storage hacks that keep your kitchen tools within reach in a way that's safe for your family.

Published February 27, 2023

Declutter your counters and finally get your kitchen drawers organized with clever storage hacks for all your knives. Ditch that old clunky knife block and upgrade your knife storage for a tidy, streamlined, and stylish kitchen.

Use Slatted Storage Trays for in-Drawer Knife Storage


No more worries about slicing a finger when you're digging through the knife drawer. A silicone slatted tray designed specifically for knives will keep your cutlery organized and keep your fingers safe. This slim storage hack leaves plenty of room for additional kitchen tools and utensils.

Choose a Stylish Bamboo Organizer


Your knife storage products don't have to be plain or distract from your kitchen design style. Look for storage solutions that feature chic and timeless materials like wood, bamboo, acrylic, and metal.

Keep Knives Within Reach on Magnetized Strips


If you're short on drawer space or looking to free your counters of as much clutter as possible, a wall storage solution can keep your knives organized. A magnetized strip on your wall, backsplash, and even on your fridge will leave knives within reach for you while keeping them safely out of reach of small hands.

Look for Slim Storage Solutions


Save counter space with slim storage solutions that slide mostly out of sight. Tuck knives discreetly at the edge of your counter or against the backsplash behind your range with the help of thin storage products. Whether the knives are hidden by a pull-out drawer or displayed on a magnetic tool, you'll be glad to have them within reach in a stylish way.

Use Simple Bins in Drawers to Keep Knives Tidy


If you're keeping your knives in a drawer but want a simple and affordable way to keep them separate from your other dining utensils, look no further than the mini organizational bin. Whether plastic, wood, or acrylic, short or slim storage bins will keep your drawers looking neat and keep your knives in their place. No more knives getting lost at the back of your drawer.

Make Your Own Knife Storage Solutions


You don't have to go out and buy fancy storage solutions to get your knife collection organized. You can use items already in your home. A tall container packed tightly with skewers will create the perfect counter storage hack for keeping your knives safely within in reach. You can also use dried beans, pasta noodles, or rice to keep your knives in place.

Swap Your Old Knife Block for a Sleek Alternative


There are knife blocks that look stylish and take up far less space on your counter than the traditional version. Look for tall, round knife blocks that sport a modern finish or a sleek style for a way to keep your knives near your food prep area without compromising all your counter space.

Make Use of Recycled Cookbooks


Those cookbooks you haven't opened in years might be a useful storage tool for your favorite knives. If you love to display cookbooks in your kitchen more than you actually like to use them, you can bundle a collection together with glue or twine in an upright position to create a quick knife block DIY. Your knives can slip right between the pages of slow cooker recipes and easy weeknight dinner ideas.

Store Your Knives Like a Professional Chef


Even if you only use your knives to slice vegetables for your kids' lunches or make your signature pot roast, you can still store your cutlery collection like a pro. Look for the same knife pouch gourmet chefs use so you can store your knives away easily and see your entire collection at a glance.

Stow Knives Inside a Cabinet Door


Counters, walls, and drawers are all great options for storing your knives. But don't forget about all the storage possibilities inside your cabinets. You can install clever storage hacks on the inside of your cabinet doors to stow your knives away safely while keeping them within reach and off your counters. A magnetic strip or a slim knife block mounted on the door is a genius way to maximize your kitchen storage space.

Hang a Storage Basket Nearby


Knife organization doesn't have to be complicated or draw too much attention. You can hang a simple wire basket near your cooking or food prep area for storing your serving utensils, most-used spices, and especially your knives. With enough hooks, you can even hang measuring cups or small frying pans for a cooking station that has everything you could need.

Get Your Knives Organized Once and for All


Cooking and cleanup are much easier when everything in your kitchen has a place. With a tidy knife drawer or a clever knife storage hack, you can spend more time cooking for the ones you love and less time searching for your favorite food prep knife. When the heart of your home feels less chaotic, you will feel more put together overall.

11 Knife Storage Ideas to Safely Stow Your Blades