10 Reasons to Love Yoga Pants

Yoga pants on the go

Denim just might be the Antichrist of pants - they're like leg prisons disguised as jeans. But thankfully, to offset the evil that jeans have placed upon us, we have our ever-so-divine yoga pants - the best leisure legwear invention since sweats! And we love them for so many reasons...

1. Eat Like a Pig

Woman Eating

"So you wanna eat another pizza slice, eh? With what room? Muhahaha!" say your jeans. Yoga pants, on the other hand, are much more accommodating. "I don't give a flying fart in space if you gobble up that whole pizza and the table with it. Do what you want! I can handle it!"

Don't mind if we do, yoga pants. Don't mind if we do.

2. They're Awesome for Travel

We already have to deal with insufferably cramped leg space on commercial flights, so why on earth would we add salt to the wound by restricting our legs in jeans? We may have to deal with chatty passengers, turbulence, or uncomfortable seats, but at least we've got all the stretch we need, thanks to our yoga pants!

3. Hide Your Hairy Legs

Maybe you've got enough stubble to cover a yak, but you just can't be bothered to grab a razor and shave it all off. No worries! Yoga pants are here to save the day. Just slip 'em on and no one will know you're growing a wild, impenetrable forest of leg hair.

4. Wear Them Almost Anywhere


With yoga pants, you can run errands with flip flops, go jogging with running shoes, or pair them with a tunic to dress up for happy hour. So are we wrong to conclude that yoga pants are the Transformers of legwear? We think not!

5. Perfect for Binge-Watching Netflix

Watching TV

"Cuddling up on my couch to watch Netflix in my jeans is so comfortable," said no one ever! If you want to experience what it's like to be mummified to a point of immobilization, wear skinny jeans while binge-watching all four seasons of House of Cards. Yoga pants, however, allow for maximum movement so you can comfortably sit cross-legged during episode one, but end up in a fetal position by the season finale. Win!

6. Look Like You Work Out

It's totally on-trend to wear workout clothing nowadays, even if you wouldn't touch a treadmill with a 10-foot pole. It's called "athleisure," which, honestly, is just a nice way of saying, "You're a total fitness charlatan, but it's okay because it's en vogue." Sure you don't do yoga, but they don't have to know that!

7. They're Zipperless

Open zipper

The worst offense you can commit while wearing pants is walking around with your fly down. You'll inadvertently invite a wave of blabbermouths to point at your crotch and say cheeky euphemisms such as "Your flag's half mast," or "You've got a security breach in Los Pantelones." But yoga pants, in all their glory, have no zippers! So Los Pantelones will be darn-near impervious.

8. They're Perfect if You're On-the-Go

You only have five minutes to get ready. Should you spend an eternity trying to wiggle yourself into those wretched skinny jeans or just hop into your yoga pants with ease? Gee, that's a tough one.

9. They're Wearable Year Round

Yoga pants are perfect for all four seasons - you can wear the same pair while building a snowman, trick-or-treating, watching July 4th fireworks, or Easter egg hunting. However, we can't help you with the protests you'll get from your family members for refusing to wear anything else. But, hey, can they blame you?!

10. They Make Your Butt Look Shapely

Yoga pants are like the Wonderbra for derrières. If you're flat as a pancake, you're in luck. Yoga pants will hug every curve of your body and, as a result, give you a little more junk in that trunk. Your butt will go from lanky to legendary.

The love of yoga pants is nationwide - Washington Post reports that last year, the availability of yoga pants in stores jumped by 14 percent, which definitely hints at increased demand. So if you're on board with the athleisure trend, you'll be glad to know it's not going anywhere soon.

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10 Reasons to Love Yoga Pants