Ankle Bracelets for Plus Sizes

plus size anklet

If you are looking for ankle bracelets for plus sizes or larger, you do have several options available. The key is knowing what style will look best on you and feel most comfortable.

About Plus Size Ankle Bracelets

Ankle bracelets are strands of jewelry worn to decorate or spruce up your ankles. They are traditionally worn against the bare skin, although some women have been known to wear them over sheer nylons or tights. They can be worn with skirts (any length), shorts, skorts, capris or cropped pants; pretty much any garment that shows off your ankles! Most open-toed or dressy shoes are the best choices to complement ankle bracelets: Wear your favorite sandals, pumps and even flip-flops! And the styles are endless. The majority of ankle bracelets for plus sizes come in silver or gold link or rope chains, and are either plain, or decorated with:

  • Diamonds
  • Gemstones
  • Charms
  • Hearts
  • Beads

Women can also wear medical alert ankle bracelets, which can be engraved with any type of medical information deemed necessary. Anklets can be made from rawhide or leather, which may be emblazoned with a variety of designs.

How to Measure for Plus Size Anklets

Before you decide on the size and style of your anklet, you need to figure out where it will rest on your foot. Do you want to wear it snug above your ankle or do you prefer to have it loosely draped on the knobs of your ankle? You also need to decide when you will wear the anklet and with what type of outfit. For instance, a leather engraved anklet is worn more with casual outfits, while a diamond-studded style should probably be worn to a more formal affair.

To determine your size, measure your ankle at the point where your bracelet will rest. You can also use a string to measure the circumference and then measure the string with a ruler. You may want to add about a half-inch to the measurement, unless you prefer to have it fit tight or very snug. Plus size anklets are ordered by inches, starting at a size 8 and running through a size 11. Some companies also make extended sizes up to a size 15 or 16.

Buying Ankle Bracelets for Plus Sizes

Many of the plus size clothing stores that carry jewelry will usually have one or two styles of larger anklets. For a better selection, though, take a look online. The following stores may have what you want:

Can't Find Your Size? Customize It

For plus size women, adjustable ankle bracelets will help ensure a proper fit. You can also use a chain extender to make your ankle bracelet longer (if it's a gold or silver chain). However, if you cannot find one, you may also want to consult with a custom jewelry designer. This person can help craft an anklet not only in a style you may like, but in a size you need. If you don't know anyone in person who can help you with this, here are a few custom jewelers online who may be able to do the job:

A Few Things to Remember

Ankle bracelets are supposed to dress up and show off normally plain ankles. If you have ankles or feet you would rather not draw attention to, then you may want to skip purchasing one and go for jewelry that will highlight your best features such as rings, necklaces or earrings. However, if you do want to show off your feet and legs, then by all means, go for it. Make sure the anklet isn't too tight (or too loose for that matter) and is a design and color that complements your shape and style. If you choose to wear them over nylons, be prepared for little snags in your hosiery. Remember, jewelry is fun to wear if it's correctly worn.

Ankle Bracelets for Plus Sizes