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Classy dresses are essential elements of any versatile, well-coordinated wardrobe. Unlike trendy pieces eventually relegated to the back of the closet, elegant dresses are worn frequently and never lose their relevance or appeal.

Going Glamorous

Glamour is typically synonymous with a big night out - think award ceremonies, galas, balls, holiday parties and other events that demand black-tie attire. It's also usually associated with an over-the-top aura accentuated by loud details, like sequins, fancy embellishments and bold colors. However, going glamorous doesn't have to be an exaggerated affair, and it certainly isn't meant just for special occasions. Today, anything goes, and an elegant dress works well in almost any situation!

The Beauty of Classy Dresses

Versatile and so feminine, classy dresses are special for a number of reasons. Not only are you guaranteed to feel like a star in something that makes you look red carpet-worthy, you're also sure to feel as confident as you've ever been in something so stylish. When the mood calls for something classy, look for certain details that instantly transform your look from simple to sensational.

  • Structure is critical. A defined cut creates a striking silhouette, but a flowing design can be just as flattering. The key is to shop for your body type.
  • Colors play a strong role in the anatomy of an elegant dress. Opt for deep, dramatic hues and basic neutrals; bright colors work well if they accent a less bold main color.
  • Length is a personal preference. Tall women can make the most of their height with a slim-fitting column style, while petite women might feel statelier in a shorter, swingier dress.
  • Subtlety addresses the old adage that less is more, especially when it comes to a sophisticated dress. Avoid excessively low cuts and anything that bares too much leg. Cutouts are a no-no, too.

Where to Wear Them

Simple designs are often the most classic.

The sophisticated, show-stopping dress is practically limitless in its versatility. Of course, you probably wouldn't wear it to a sporting event or while walking the dog, but nearly every other sensible occasion can be a great excuse to slip into a gorgeous dress. The type of dress you wear is largely dependent on the event you're attending.

Dinner Parties

A dinner party is the perfect place to show off a classy number. A smart dress with simple details is best; avoid anything with heavy beading or sequins, as it may look too dressy for the occasion. Instead, opt for a sleek sheath style or a pretty frock. Place a lightweight wrap in a contrasting color around your shoulders for warmth if needed. If you wish to wear something slightly more exotic, don't shy away from graceful metallic hues. A shimmery shade of champagne or coffee is a beautiful choice for understated shine.

Prom and Homecoming

The big dance is usually one of the most memorable nights of a teenage girl's life - and certainly one of the dressiest at that stage. While a number of dress styles are available for this momentous occasion, a classy style will serve you best. Not only will you look back at your pictures with fondness and pride, you'll feel your best as you command the dance floor. Opt for styles with flattering details, like ruched empire waists, glittery shoulder straps, halter cuts, full skirts and more. Again, shy away from anything overtly provocative; while many risqué styles can be appealing to young women, they don't typically offer the same comfort and endurance of a more classic design.

Special Events

Whether it's a fundraiser dinner, a college reunion, an art gallery opening or just a special night out with your special someone, there's no doubt you want to look your best. Hold nothing back when you're dressing for something magnificent; be liberal with details and color and use accessories to complete the outfit with panache. Formal evening gowns in solid hues are devastatingly gorgeous worn with dramatic jewelry; strapless styles steal the show when your hair is up in a chignon and dazzling earrings dangle from your lobes; satin gloves lend a glamorous air to any long, flowing dress. The options are truly endless, so don't be afraid to express yourself through your outfit.

Other Occasions

Of course, these are just a few ideas to get you started. Throughout your life, you'll undoubtedly experience many other occasions that call for an elegant dress, including weddings, graduations, holiday parties and more. Thankfully, the best dress stores make the shopping experience a little easier for you.

Where to Shop

So many dresses, so little time - but you can maximize your search time by narrowing your selections down based on color, style or price. Many boutiques make this quite simple to do. Visit these sites to get started:

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