Pictures of Dresses for Different Body Types

Dressed to Flatter

Women come in all shapes and sizes, which is why designers recognize the need to create dresses for different body types. You can easily find a dress that flatters your figure - it's just a matter of understanding what types of styles play up your assets best.

Rectangular Shapes

Rectangular shapes runs straight up and down, with little to no definition at the waistline. The legs and torso are straight, hips are narrow and the derriere may be flat. The key here is to create definition, so opt for form fitting dresses with fitted waists. A detailed waistline, via a belt, scarf or other clincher, will create an hourglass shape. Prints are also a great option for straight shapes, as on this dress - the flowing skirt breaks the body's lean line and adds instant definition.

Hourglass Shapes

Show off an hourglass figure in a dress that gracefully skims over curves. A curvy shape has a nipped in waist, while the hips and bust are of relatively equal width. A-line styles like this are a great option; they draw the eyes upward and minimize the appearance of full hips.

Pear Shapes

Pear shapes are heavier on the bottom and smaller on top, and extra weight is usually carried in the hips and thighs. Minimize fullness with a dress that flows loosely over the hips, such as an empire or A-line style.

Apple Shapes

An apple or inverted triangle body shape is larger on top, with a full bust and a thick waist, and smaller on the bottom, with narrowed thighs and legs. Covering up completely on top will only make the area appear larger, so opt for a halter, strapless or sleeveless style with a full skirt. This creates a shapely bottom half, too.

Large Busts

Women with large busts are defined as those who wear a C cup or larger. The key is to wear something that offers enough support and that doesn't direct all the attention to the cleavage. A dress like this, with its embellished skirt, is perfect for drawing focus downward and supporting the upper body.

Small Busts

Conversely, women with small busts may wish to add shape to their upper bodies. Create the illusion of a fuller bust by choosing a dress with upper body details, like ruching, ruffles or beads.

If you're looking for more on how to dress for your body type, check out our tips on body shape flattering styles.

Pictures of Dresses for Different Body Types