Fashionable Belts

Belt with style

Fashionable belts can quickly pull an otherwise disjointed outfit together. Even better? There are so many attractive belts available today that you'll be looking terrific lickity-split!

Why Belts Are so Important

Fashionable belts are the unsung heroes of many a wardrobe and that's unfortunate. Depending on the outfit, a belt can easily pull an outfit together. How so? Well, let's say you're wearing a simple black knit dress that, although it fits well, is otherwise blah in appearance.

Spice things up a bit by cinching your waist with a wide white belt and pair it with a white pair of heeled shoes, and voila! Instant chic and a look-at-me appearance is born.

Shopping for Fashionable Belts

Besides lending depth to a wardrobe, building your fashionable belts collection not only makes smart fashion sense, but it can also be done on the cheap! As we all know, shoes, especially quality shoes, can cost more than a pretty penny.

On the other hand, there are many affordable belts out there that one can acquire that truly make an outfit spectacular without spending a lot. Literally, for pennies on the dollar, a fashion-forward wardrobe can be yours!

Still doubtful hat you can find fashionable belts at super-low prices? Take a look at the following collections:

Forever 21

Besides the catchy moniker, Forever 21 offers an outstanding collection of belts that any fashionista would be proud to own. To wit, consider the:

Safari Elastic Belt

This faux leather animal elastic belt can be paired with so many different outfits it's simply astounding. For only $7.80, this safari belt, available in both brown and black and black and white, can be yours!

Bow Tie Patent Belt

Irresistibly adorable, this red patent leather belt features a large, red, decorative bow that is just the perfect accent for just about any look and at only $7.80, you may be inclined to agree!

Vintage Diamond Pattern Belt

This vintage style works great on retro looks. Featuring a diamond pattern canvas and finished with antique metal hardware, this $9.90 look is a virtual steal!

Zipper Waist Belt

We've all seen a wide belt, but this one is a standout because it features a zipper. Now, it may not seem like much, but because most of us are so accustomed to the buckled look, this zippered look is something of a surprise. Additionally, the zipper itself provides a bit of "edginess" to an outfit. Available for $8.80.

Stitched Belt

This faux leather belt features a stitched trim and an oversized wrapped buckle to provide the perfect accent. This look is available for $8.80.

Mae Reptile Belt

We've talked about the wide belt look, but have yet to discuss the skinny belt look. The Mae Reptile belt takes care of that in one fell swoop! Stunning in its decadence, the faux reptilian design of this belt adds just the right amount of "femme fatale" to an otherwise demure look. Available for $7.80.

New York & Company

If New York & Company is not currently on your radar, it really should be! Besides their stellar clothes, they offer a ton of eye-catching accessories:

  • City Style Double Turnlock Stretch Belt: Available in black and brow this belt houses and ingenious "turn-lock" feature that buckles the belt. Available for $19.95.
  • City Style Croc Herringbone Belt: What makes a herringbone style super-chic? The addition of faux-croc of course! Get the best of both worlds with this inventive $19.95 look.
  • City Style Leopard Belt: Say yes to your inner tigress with the addition of a leopard pattern. This one is just $19.95.


Last, but not least, we come to the amusingly irreverent Delia's. Here, you'll find decidedly feminine looks to complement a wide array of outfits, including the:

  • Brielle Crochet Waist Belt: This truly unique belt looks fantastic due in large part to the crochet fabric that is then topped off with a cognac colored buckle. Buy this look for $19.50.
  • Carrie Waist Belt: This double buckle belt would do the Sex and the City girls proud! This one's a cinch at $18.50.
  • Beth Double Wrap Belt: Get your shine on with this double wrap look at just $12.50.

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