Football Purses

Football Purse

Supporting football or your favorite team is easy with fun accessories like cute and practical purses. Whether you want a basic bag with a football-inspired motif or logo or a leather bag in the shape of a football, there are plenty of options to purchase or even make yourself!

Quilted Football Bag

Embrace your softer, girly side while cheering on your favorite gridiron team with this affordable football-shaped purse made from quilted fabric. While somewhat simple in design and appearance, this shoulder bag is available in nine different color combinations and can be monogrammed with the thread color of your choice. It features a zippered closure, inside pockets and a detachable ribbon bow. Its size is comparable to a standard-size football. Pick it up at Belvah Bags for around $25.

Leather Football-Shaped Purse

Designed to look and feel like a professional football, one of these leather football-shaped purses is the perfect accessory for football season. Featuring a metal zipper and fabric lining, this shoulder bag also features the logo of your favorite team to help really get in on the action. It is priced at less than $60, but its durable construction and the materials used make owning this bag from worth it.

Novelty Print Tote Bag

If you prefer a roomier purse in a more standard handbag style, then this canvas tote done in a novelty print canvas may be just the game-day ticket for you. Multiple inside and outside pockets will allow you to stash and find all your essentials. Metal feet will prevent the wearing of the fabric on the bottom of the bag. Free monogramming is an option with this affordably priced bag at just under $22 from Etsy.

Sophisticated Shadow Handbag

A black leather handbag with a shadow logo of your favorite NFL team makes this offering at the NFL Shop a sophisticated option you will love to use all year long. The front flap pocket will allow you to keep crucial items at your fingertips while the zipper top closure will safely secure the rest of your necessities in organizational pockets inside. Despite the fact this is an officially licensed NFL product, the $250 price tag is on par with most purses of this style and workmanship.

NFL Hoodie Purse

Show your team spirit with this unique NFL Hoodie Purse priced at around $30. The bag has all the features of a sports hoodie sweatshirt with the kangaroo pocket (perfect for storing your cell phone) and NFL team logo on the front. It's just the right size for everyday use at 4" x 15.5" x 9.8" and the wide straps have a 9" drop. There is one open interior patch pocket. The purse comes in two-toned heather grey with a lace-up tie in front and features a magnetic closure.

cardinals bag
Pro-FAN-ity by Littlearth NFL Hoodie Purse

DIY Purse Project

If you lean more toward the crafty side and would like to create your own purse, give this football design a try. Made using a real football, this cross-body purse has plenty of room for a cell phone, wallet and more. This is a quick project that can easily be made with little sewing experience.

Things You Will Need

What To Do

  1. Using a craft knife and seam ripper, cut open an official size football, from point to point, along the seam below the laces.
    Cut open the football.
    Cut open the football.
  2. Puncture the inner rubber ball and pull it out, cutting around the valve plug.
  3. Using scissors, trim along the open seam to make a clean edge.
  4. Attach a zipper foot to your sewing machine and insert a heavy-duty needle. Open a 14" metal zipper and turn right side up. With the ball open and the seams on the right and the left, place the left side of the zipper under the left seam edge. Using a long top stitch, sew the seam to the zipper. Turn the football around and sew the other side of the zipper to the other seam. Note: You will not be able to maneuver the needle of the sewing machine over the end stitches of the zipper.
    Attach the zipper.
    Attach the zipper.
  5. With a hand sewing needle and thread, finish attaching the zipper to the seams where the sewing machine needle couldn't go.
  6. Cut two 2" x 3" rectangles from a scrap of black leather or vinyl. Apply stick glue to the back of one rectangle. Fold the long edges to the center back. Firmly press with your fingers to secure for a temporary hold. Top stitch 1/4" from each long edge. Repeat with the other rectangle. These are your handle tabs.
  7. Thread a 3/4" D-ring on one tab. Fold the tab in half with the short ends matching. Using stick glue, glue the ends together.
    Make the purse tabs.
    Make the purse tabs.
  8. Cut a 1/4" X through the tab, 1/4" above the cut ends. With small sharp scissors cut into the "X" to form a round hole. Insert the front section of a large eyelet through the hole. Place the tab on your purse with the D-ring at the top. Position the bottom edge of the tab 2" from the right corner and 1" below the zipper. Using an ink pen, trace through the eyelet onto the football. Set the tab aside. Cut out the traced circle on the football. Insert the back section of the eyelet through the hole from the inside of the football to the outside. Place the eyelet sections together and attach using the eyelet tool provided in the eyelet package. Turn the football around and attach the remaining tab in the same way. Note: Tabs will be on opposite sides of the zipper.
    Attach the tabs.
    Attach the tabs.
  9. Attach a 5/8" wide black shoulder strap to the D-rings.

Your purse is ready! For a custom purse with a team-specific design you can pick up a football with a logo on it or even an autographed ball.

Best Time To Shop

There is a best time of the year to buy just about anything and that time is usually when it is not in season. The same can be said for football-related items. For the best deals, purchase your new purse after football season has ended and before pre-season has begun.

Football Purses