Peasant Style Blouses

cute peasant blouse

Peasant style blouses are the perfect solution when you want something as comfortable as a t-shirt but a little dressier. You can wear them any time of year, but they're especially nice in the summer because they're loose and usually made of lightweight materials.

What Peasant Style Blouses Are

Everything about peasant blouses screams comfort. They're blousy all over - even the sleeves - and can be flattering on all body types. You can choose from all types of patterns, from crisp white to busy bohemian. Because of their wide range of possibilities, these blouses easily camouflage common trouble zones.

Peasant blouses often have embellishments or embroidery to add interest, especially if the material is a solid color. If you don't want to look too hippie-esque, choose shorter sleeves, solid colors, and choose slimmer fits than the peasant shirts of times gone by. The new peasant shirts have subtle details, slimmer cuts, and gathers in the fabric that create movement even when you're standing still.


There's no set neckline for peasant style blouses. You can find them with scooped necks, v-necks, or even square necklines. For the most flattering look, determine your face shape and stay away from necklines that are shaped the same way. For example, ladies with heart-shaped faces will most often look better in a scooped neck than a v-neck. Those with oval face shapes look good in any neckline. For an especially flirty option, try an off-the-shoulder top paired with your favorite skinny jeans, large hoop earrings, and boots.


Sleeve lengths are not universal among peasant blouses. You can choose from short sleeves or long. Some are even three-quarter lengths. Three-quarter length sleeves are perfect for fall, and then you can wear a blazer or fitted jacket on top for the winter. Once it starts heating up again in the spring, you'll be able to wear your blouse with lightweight pants or a skirt. Peasant shirts are a must-have for a very versatile wardrobe. They're easily layered but look amazing on their own.


Peasant style blouses can hit right at the hip or extend a bit below in almost a tunic length. Choose based on your height and trouble areas. If your trouble zone is your abdomen, opt for the longer length. If you're short, you may feel most comfortable and look most proportional in a shorter shirt length. Shorter peasant tops sometimes have fitted waistbands while longer styles are often loose all the way down (though some have empire waists).

Buy Your Peasant Shirt

If you're on the lookout for versatile articles of clothing and you feel that peasant style blouses may be a good fit for your wardrobe, you'll be happy to know that you should be able to find them in almost any department store. They're not a trend that is isolated to the bigger cities that will soon fade away before making it everywhere else. Peasant style shirts have been popular for years and show no sign of slowing down. If you don't have a store near you that has peasant style tops for sale, you can always shop online:

  • Macy's: You'll be able to find several lengths and necklines at Macy's. There are also solids and prints like paisley and floral.
  • Amazon: Here, you can find blouses at all price points, from the Fashion Cry Natural Off White Beige Knit and Woven Top for $13.95 to the Michael Kors Embroidered Peasant Top at $99.50.
  • eBay: You never know which styles you'll find on eBay, so check frequently for new listings.


Because peasant blouses are so ubiquitous in the fashion world, you can find them at all price points from around $20 to the designers' prices of $99 and up. By browsing sales, eBay, and thrift stores, you may even be able to walk away with a beautiful peasant shirt for next to nothing.

Final Thoughts

Peasant blouses have their place in almost any woman's wardrobe. They work well alone and layer beautifully. In addition to that, they hide many of the flaws women commonly see in their bodies. What else could you ask for in a shirt?

Peasant Style Blouses