Professional Woman's Clothing on a Budget

You<em> can</em> dress smart on a budget

If you're counting your pennies, buying professional woman's clothing on a budget will be more important than ever. Not everyone has the bank account to buy designer duds all the time, but if you want to maintain a businesslike appearance, you can still do that while not going broke. Savvy shoppers know how to spot a bargain and if you learn how to do the same, as well as what to avoid, you can come out fashionable, stylish and with money still in your handbag.

Professional Woman's Clothing on a Budget Tips

If you're not yet a smart shopper, you need a crash course in how to buy the right way. You may have to abandon your regular haunts for stores you never considered shopping in, but if saving money is your goal, there are ways to do it and still look like a competent, well-dressed woman. Consider these tips on buying professional woman's clothing on a budget:

  • Shop at outlet malls and stores: Outlet stores and malls do good business most of the time. Don't think that outlets only carry ugly, ill-made garments that no one wants. There are designer outlet malls that carry some of the biggest designer names in the world. While some of the clothing was shipped to the outlet because it couldn't sell, oftentimes, you'll find styles there because the department stores ordered too many of them, it's time to move in new merchandise and the stores don't have room or because of a small flaw that you'll barely notice.
  • Use coupons: Grocery stores aren't the only merchants that lure shoppers in with coupons. Department stores do it, too. Check your Sunday newspaper fliers and daily paper for coupon deals.
  • Shop consignment stores: All consignment stores aren't created equal, but if you shop in these stores that are placed in more affluent areas, you can score bargains. These shops often carry designer names at a fraction of their original costs, just because the seller wants to unload it.
  • Trade with friends: This is one way to add clothes to your wardrobe without spending a dime. Sometimes, you just get tired of an outfit or garment. If it's still in good condition, think about trading with your friends who wear the same size. They might also have clothes that they've grown tired of or haven't worn in a long time.
  • Get friendly with sales staff: It never hurts to befriend sales associates at your favorite stores. They might alert you to upcoming sales or specials.
  • Shop the clearance rack: The clearance rack can yield great finds if you're patient enough to look. Yes, they can be a jumble of clothing, but if you have the time, you might find garments marked down as much as 80 percent. The best times to shop clearance are at the end of the season. Looking for professional summer fashions? Then shop when summer is nearly over. This is when stores are moving in fall merchandise and need to get rid of their summer clothing.
  • Recycle: Another way you can add clothing to your wardrobe without spending a lot is to recycle what you already have. If you have any old garments that you don't wear anymore, think about how you can refashion them into something you will want to wear. Perhaps an old jacket can be turned into a vest. A skirt can be shortened from calf-length to knee-length. The long sleeves on an outdated blouse can be removed or refashioned.
  • Avoid fads: One way to avoid having to buy new clothes each season is to forgo fads. Your professional attire should consist of some key wardrobe work pieces that you can mix and match successfully. Black, charcoal, navy blue, tan, cream and light grey are neutral colors that should make up the bulk of your business pieces. You can add splashes of color with shirts, shoes and accessories, but by sticking to classic professional clothing and maintaining a neutral foundation, you won't have to do major shopping all the time.

Shop Wisely

There's no reason you can't dress as a successful professional just because you're on a budget. By saving your precious dollars on garments, you have that much more to put in your piggy bank.

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Professional Woman's Clothing on a Budget