15 Gourd-geous Pumpkin Patch Outfit Ideas

Give your friends and family pumpkin to talk about with these stylish outfit ideas.

Published September 27, 2023

When you’re looking for pumpkins, you might have a perfect vision in mind for the right one to carve into or set up on your porch. Not too tall, not too squat, and just the right color. Obviously, you’ve got pumpkin picking down to a science, and there’s no reason you can’t use your talents for picking out clothes, too.

Thumb through your closet with the same determination and you’ll be able to replicate one of these cozy pumpkin patch outfit ideas.

It's Time to Break Out the Puffer Vests


Summer has its beaches and winter has its ski lodges, but for those living their best lives, pumpkin patches are where it’s at in the fall. And since you can’t miss out on a good photo opportunity, you might as well put your fashion foot forward.

A simple oversized sweater, skirt, and puffer vest combo works in just about any color combination and body type. And if you need help to mix and match options, pick one part of the outfit to be patterned and keep everything else solid colors.

Easily Elevate Your Average Flannel & Jeans


If your mini-skirt or knit dress days are long behind you and you’d rather keep your legs from freezing in the breeze, then this subtle outfit is made for you. You can elevate a standard flannel top and pair of jeans with a tailored coat that nips in at just the right spots. And if you really want to catch the crowds’ eye, find a coat with a fun lining.

Win Over the Pumpkin Patch With a Funky Cape


You’ll be everyone’s favorite person at the pumpkin patch if you break out a fun circle cape. A simple outfit, like a dark-colored dress, transforms into something more exciting and dynamic when you add a cape to it. And, depending on how easy it is to clean, it can double as a blanket for you and your entourage to lounge on.  

Let the Pumpkins Do the Talking With a Cute Cream Look


Neutrals are always a good choice in the fall, and so many of our staple articles of clothing come in these colors. For instance, black or brown boots and dark wash jeans will go with just about anything: think a cute cool-tone cream sweater, knit beanie, and salmon pink kerchief.

This kind of easy breezy outfit is something you can grab on the go and feel comfortable in all day long.

Bring Out the Sunny Side of Life With a Yellow Ensemble


If you’re chronically running late and need an outfit you can pull out of the closet and throw on in five minutes, then this sunny ensemble is perfect for you. Toss on a pair of your favorite light-wash jeans, fall-colored hoodie, and matching beanie. All that’s left is to grab your keys and wallet and head out the door.

The Chunky Sweater & Mini Skirt Combo of Your Dreams


Spend one night out in a college town when the weather’s fully dropping and you’ll realize people in their 20s are just built differently than the rest of us. 

If you’re someone who can brave the cold, or it isn't particularly cold in the fall where you live, then a cute mini skirt and oversized sweater combo could be your go-to pumpkin-picking outfit this fall. You might as well relish in that cool-weather fortitude while you can.

Stick to Athleisure if You're Ready to Lug Some Pumpkins


If you’re heading to the pumpkin patch with a carload of kids or a massive shopping list of pumpkin sizes and shapes, then you need an outfit made to move around in. Stick with your favorite athleisure pieces like leggings and winter puffers but add a little spice to your outfits with pops of matching color. Buttery yellows, sepia browns, burnt oranges, and rusty reds are just some of the great choices out there.

Go Bold & Pair Funky Prints With Bright Colors


Fall colors can be fun, but you can also push the limits of what people expect with a bold outfit full of nearly clashing colors and patterns. A dark green plaid, deep coral sweater, and mustard beanie are just closely enough related in tone that they work perfectly.

Quick Tip

While you probably remember to grab a scarf or hat, one accessory you shouldn’t forget is a pair of gloves. No need to get dirt all over your photo-ready outfit.

Make Things Easy On Yourself With a Darling Knit Dress


A lot of fall fashion is focused on layering, but some afternoons aren’t cold enough to need all that extra padding. If you’ve chosen a sunny day to pick some pumpkins, then consider slipping on a cute knit long-sleeved dress. Whether you prefer it super fitted or just barely skimming the body, it’s an easy thing to grab out of the closet and wear for a few hours.

Break Fall Expectations With a Deliciously Dark Outfit


So much of the fall fashion you see splashed across Instagram pages and TikToks is highly saturated and oversized. But if you want to marry functionality with sleek forms in your pumpkin-picking outfit, then you could pair a comfy t-shirt, black jeans, and sneakers with a weathered leather jacket.

You'll be comfortable enough to lug heavy pumpkins back to the car but feel stylish enough that you don’t mind your friends or family snapping pics on the way.

A Monochrome Outfit Always Looks Picture-Perfect


If you’re still figuring your personal style out and haven’t cracked the silhouettes you like, thumb through your closet for pieces in the same color. Monochrome outfits always photograph beautifully, and you can put any combination of pieces together to make them work.

An Outfit to Head From Work Straight to the Patch


If only we had limitless days off to enjoy all the events and activities that pop up in the later months of the of the year. But if you’re one of the millions of people who have to squeeze fun times into the late evenings after work, then you’ll want to pick a work outfit that can double for your post-work fun like pumpkin or apple picking.

In the cooler but not quite cold months, you can slip on a nice tank or blouse with comfortable neutral pants and sensible shoes. But pairing it with a bold moto jacket gives your outfit that business-like edge that’s great for the office environment.

Mix & Match Your Summer & Fall Wardrobe


We know you’ve made room in your closet for all those recently unpacked sweaters, but leave some room for a few summer pieces. If you live somewhere with a balmy climate, you can probably get away with less layered outfits than some.

For example, keep out that cute pair of shorts you love and match it with the sweater you’ve been waiting for it to turn cold enough to wear. Just slap some decorative tights underneath and add some cool-weather accessories to cement it firmly in the fall fashion photo-worthy category.

Keep Things Easy by Sticking With Neutrals


If you’ve ever walked a city’s streets in the fall or winter, you know the unspoken uniform: camel coat. Camel coats, in their various neutral hues, add a bit of sophistication to even the most afterthought of an outfit. So, if you still want to be comfortable in a sweater and jeans but want to look a little nicer this year, toss on a camel coat before you leave.

Go a Little More Formal With a Coat Dress & Tights


Some people like to pride function above anything else when they’re weaving in and out of the pumpkin patch, but others throw function out the window. There’s nothing wrong with loving an excuse to dress up! One way to bridge the gap between the two is picking out a coat dress to pair with whatever accessories you like most.

The best part? It doesn’t have to be a dress at all! You can just whip out your favorite mid-length pea coat or something similar and wear a slip underneath.

Outshine All the Pumpkins in the Patch With Your Style


When you’ve got your friends and family by your side, you just never know when someone’s going to take a candid and post it online. Feel prepared for any surprise flashes by planning a sensible but photo-worthy outfit. From monochrome colors to bold patterns, think of all the unique ways you can make one of these pumpkin patch outfits your own.

15 Gourd-geous Pumpkin Patch Outfit Ideas