20 Fashion-Forward Thanksgiving Nail Designs to Feast Your Eyes On

The turkey may be the star of Thanksgiving, but you'll steal the spotlight with these stylish nail ideas.

Published October 31, 2023

You may be wearing your stretchy, turkey-eating pants on Thanksgiving — but that doesn't mean your nails shouldn't look as stunning as they do on any other holiday. Thanksgiving nail designs aren't just limited to turkey faces (though they are a cute option). Find a cornucopia of gorgeous nail ideas this harvest season for the perfect look.

Try Neutral Nails, But Make Them Glitter


Neutrals are popular for seasonal fall nails as well as during Thanksgiving. With a glittering top coat, you can take those simple neutrals to the next level of glam. Try warm autumn neutrals to complement your other fall fashion features. 

Need to Know

Dark navy or muted green (like sage or olive) can count as neutrals and look elegant for your Thanksgiving fashion statement.

Maroon Is Simple Yet Stylish

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If you're looking for Thanksgiving nails that showcase a simple elegance and a touch of fall, look no further than maroon. This deep and warm red color is not only classy, it easily transitions from a Thanksgiving nail look into a Christmas nail design.

Cute Turkey Nails Are a Must for Thanksgiving

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Sure, it may be a bit odd to sport a photo of the very animal you plan to eat on Thanksgiving, but it's a style statement that just makes sense on Turkey Day. Cute nails with a sweet turkey design are always fun for Thanksgiving and help you dress for the occasion in a subtle, yet stylish, way.

Try Swirly Thanksgiving French Tips

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There's so much more to French tip nails than your classic white look. For Thanksgiving, a brown and white swirled tip feels fresh and right at home with all the dishes and desserts you plan to enjoy on Turkey Day.

Helpful Hack

You could also ask for traditional French tips and add the swirled look to just one or two nails on each hand.

Add Bold Thanksgiving Nail Art

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Rich colors and flirty French tips are classics, but this bold nail look is for those who truly want to make a statement at the dinner table this Thanksgiving. Black outlines of Thanksgiving symbols (like leaves or pumpkins) pop over your favorite neutral or pastel polish.

Try Short, Colorful Thanksgiving Nails


Short nails are back in and they're trending in every color. Choose your favorite fall shade, from rich red to warm blues, and rock it with a short, square nail for your Thanksgiving events.

Chrome Is Cute for Thanksgiving Nails


If you want your nail look to stand out this Thanksgiving, add some shine with a metallic or chrome polish. Silver will especially stand out among all the warmer colors of the season.

Quick Tip

If you can't find the perfect chrome shade in a polish, ask for a chrome top coat over your color. 

Try a Simple & Sweet Look


Unlike Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving is really only given one day to shine. So, if you want to skip a holiday-specific nail that's definitely valid. If you do, opt for something simple but sweet for your Thanksgiving nails. A muted green, dusty pink, or deep purple would look elegant and still be on trend the days following Thanksgiving.

Rock a Jewel Tone for Your Thanksgiving Nail Color


As autumn starts to inch ever close to winter, you'll be able to reach for those jewel tones that really shine this time of year. Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to introduce the colors to your seasonal style. 

Fast Fact

Jewel tones are deep, often cool, colors that are also vibrant. Emerald green, cobalt blue, and fuchsia are great examples of these colors.

Add Gold for a Formal Look

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Whether it's the polish, a glittering top coat, or a small rhinestone, a bit of gold elevates your Thanksgiving nail style. The warmth of gold blends in with other popular fall colors and gives you a high-end look others will admire throughout the meal. 

Trendy Academia Style Works for Thanksgiving

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Even if you don't spend most of the year in an academic setting, the look still works for your Thanksgiving nails. Academia is a trending style aesthetic and many of its qualities fit in perfectly with fall looks. Dark colors, plaid prints, and matte finishes help you show off your academic style and rock your Thanksgiving nails with sophistication.

Black Adds Classic Elegance

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Even when you're rocking cute fall leaves or an adorable little turkey, a touch of black adds sophistication to your Thanksgiving nails. Whether it's matte, glitter, or gloss, you just can't go wrong with classic black nails.

Patchwork Is Quirky & Fun

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Halloween has pumpkins, Christmas has Santa, and Thanksgiving has all the icons of harvest time. Add one, like the patchwork of a scarecrow, to your nails for a look sure to spark a few conversations around the dinner table.

Combine Neutrals for a Fun Twist

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If you love neutral nails for their versatility, you can still rock them with a touch of glamour this Thanksgiving. Give them a stylish twist by combining some of fall's most popular neutral shades. 

Quick Tip

When pairing neutrals for Thanksgiving, lean toward the muted and warm tones to complement your fall fashion colors.

Ask for Glossy Amber

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If you love how neutrals go with everything but you still want to make a statement with a rich and warm nail shade, glossy amber stands out without distracting from the rest of your Thanksgiving outfit. If you're trying to make your own shade of amber, try blending a shade of glossy gold with a rich brown or muted orange.

Brown Thanksgiving Nails Just Make Sense

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You may not gravitate to brown nails for spring and summer. But they make sense in the fall, especially on Turkey Day. When most of the things you're adding to your plate are in the same color family, brown nails coordinate in a clever way. 

Buffalo Check Is a Classic Fall Print

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Neutrals and brown too bland? Reach for a classic fall print instead. Buffalo check nails work for the food-centered holiday and help you easily transition into your Christmas nail look. 

Fast Fact

Black and white or black and red are the usual colors seen in buffalo check, but you can get creative and look for color combinations you love the most.

Be Inspired by Turkey Tail Feathers

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Remember making Thanksgiving turkey crafts in elementary school? You always used the same crayon colors to bring the tail to life: brown, orange, red, and yellow. Use those same turkey tail colors on your nails to give a nod to the Thanksgivings of your childhood and to bring some vibrant color to your manicure.

Try Pumpkin Nail Art for an Adorable Look

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Don't worry, you can still rock all your pumpkin-inspired looks for Thanksgiving. Harvest time isn't over until you devour that last leftover turkey sandwich. So, add cute pumpkins to your Thanksgiving nails if they make you happy. 

Corn Nails Are Unexpected & Cute

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It might seem odd, but what if your nails looked like an ear of corn? Thanksgiving is the only day of the year this can make sense, and jumping at the chance might just pay off. You can go for a literal interpretation or something more abstract to show off your love for one of harvest time's most beloved foods.

Quick Tip

If actual corn isn't your thing, candy corn nails look cute for Thanksgiving too.

Nail Your Thanksgiving Style This Year


Everyone's eye may be on the dessert table. Until you walk in, that is. These Thanksgiving nails are your key to subtle seasonal style and a stunning look for Turkey Day. 

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20 Fashion-Forward Thanksgiving Nail Designs to Feast Your Eyes On