Toe Rings for Men: Guide to Masculine Styles

Celtic ring

Toe rings for guys come in many masculine fashion options. This foot accessory is growing in popularity for guys of all walks of life. Discover men's toe ring trends, available styles, and where to buy them.

Toe Ring Fashion History

Toe rings are not exclusively a modern fashion statement. For centuries, toe rings have been an important cultural symbol in India. Indian Hindu women wear toe rings, called bichiya in Hindi, to signify their marital status like a wedding ring. Married women traditionally wear a pair of matching toe rings on each foot. A more modern version of the custom has Hindu brides wearing sets of four or five matching rings to decorate their toes.

Indian men may also wear toe rings on their big toes for medicinal purposes to cure an ailment or aid masculine strength. Sometimes, Indian men also wear a ring on their big toe as a sign of masculine power. Men wear a hoop type of toe band rather than the circular shape rings worn by women in India.

In Western countries, toe rings are fashion statements. Jeweler Marjorie Borell first introduced toe rings to the USA in 1973 after discovering them in India. Borell designed a line of toe rings and sold them in boutiques in New York City. Toe jewelry is now available from a variety of designers and jewelry manufacturers all over the USA.

Toe jewelry is largely associated with Bohemian and Gothic fashions, but there are also some beach culture and mainstream designs. Men and women tend to wear toe rings on the second or third toe, and sometimes the big toe. This type of body jewelry was largely marketed to women, but the rings are generally unisex designs. However, around the 1990s, more masculine toe jewelry designs emerged in fashion. American male surfers were the first large group of men to sport the body jewelry accessory. Today toe adornment is becoming more mainstream for men who like jewelry.

Social Acceptance of Male Toe Rings

Male toe jewelry is growing in popularity. Any man who wants to sport this type of jewelry should feel comfortable knowing that it is trendy. In fact, many of the designs are distinctly masculine. Of course, there are still some critics of male toe adornment, such as those who believe any jewelry besides a wedding ring is effeminate on a man. A guy wanting to wear toe bands should realize that this jewelry is still considered a bit controversial even as it grows in popularity.

Male Toe Jewelry Designs

Toe jewelry is a type of body adornment that often features unisex designs. The rings are often made of materials such as sterling silver, pewter, or surgical steel. Sterling silver is most common. Some popular styles of toe rings for guys include the following:

  • Plain silver bands
  • Rings with Celtic knot work
  • Basket weave bands
  • Braided style bands
  • Wide bands with artistic patterns
  • Rings with gemstones
  • Bands featuring symbols, such as crosses, peace signs, or wolves
  • Two-toned rings

Buying Toe Rings for Guys

Body jewelry stores are a great source for toe rings. Artsy shops also may have toe rings for guys, especially on college campuses. However, the Internet may be the best resource for a largest selection of jewelry and deals, because shoppers have access to individual jewelry artists as well as discount jewelry sites. Some websites advertise unisex toe rings, and other online retailers sell ring designs specifically for men. The following websites sell toe jewelry:

  • Toe The site doesn't distinguish between women's and men's toe rings: they sell toe jewelry for everyone in a variety of styles and sizes in 14K gold and sterling silver. Celtic, basket weave, braided, and plain designs are available.
  • Etsy: Various artisans offer a wide variety of styles targeted for men, but the women's toe rings also look great and may work for men as well.
  • Once Upon a Toe: Once Upon a Toe offers a wide variety of toe rings, including matching sets so guys can get a toe ring that matches their girlfriend's toe ring.

Tips for Guys on Wearing Toe Jewelry

Guys can wear toe rings with style. Here are some tips for wearing toe jewelry:

  • Make sure feet are ready for toe adornment. Trim toe nails and put a little lotion on dry feet. A full pedicure is not necessary (though it wouldn't hurt), but why bother decorating toes with long, jagged nails and calloused skin? The toe ring will look best on a well-groomed foot.
  • Choose footwear that shows off the toe jewelry, such as sandals and crocs. Better yet, go barefoot when possible.
  • Match toe jewelry to outfits and occasions. Most toe bands can match any outfit, but it shows a sense of style to change rings for casual or dressy occasions. For example, wear the plain silver band when relaxing at the beach, and then wear the Celtic knot work ring for the special dinner out.
  • Remove toe rings when walking long distances or playing rough, active sports that could cause discomfort or foot injury.

A Growing Trend

People can expect to see more men wearing toe rings in the future with the large selection of masculine designs and the greater social acceptance of male body jewelry.

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Toe Rings for Men: Guide to Masculine Styles