15 TV Stand Decor Ideas to Upgrade Your Entertainment Hub

Is clutter in your TV space sucking all the joy from your favorite show? These tips will bring fresh style to your TV stand.

Published July 5, 2023

Your TV may not be the most aesthetic part of your home, but with some clever decor hacks, it can look more intentional and curated. Fine tune the way you decorate around your TV so the space feels thoughtful, inviting, and just plain pretty. Now when your eyes wander during commercials, they'll fall on something beautiful and inspiring.

Play With Asymmetry


Interior designers often use asymmetry to create visual interest and develop harmony in a space. You can apply this principle to your TV stand decor with staggered wall shelves or by using heavier decor on one side of the stand. If you combine the two, balance them with height on one side and depth on the other.

Use Long Shelves Above Your TV


If your TV is in front of a wide wall and you want to use the space without crowding the floor, extra long shelving is the way to go. Hang it as high as you can without losing too much space above and fill the shelves in with books, baskets, and decor. If your TV is on a stand, try to match its width with the width of your shelves.

Freshen Your TV Stand With Paint


An updated and stylish TV stand doesn't have to come from a large investment in a new furniture piece. You can update your existing TV stand with a fresh coat of paint or stain. If your space is mostly neutral, try a rich or deep color to amp up the interest in the space and give your home's color a palette a new accent shade.

Simple Lines Are Mod & Minimal


Apply some Scandinavian style rules to your living room with a sharp and short TV stand. With a simple approach to furniture, this style feels fresh and light even if your TV is on the larger side. Minimal decor completes the Scandinavian look.

Make a Statement With a Vase


Whether your TV rests on a stand or is mounted to the wall, a statement vase may be all the decor you need. Reach for an oversized vase style that makes a statement in your room. Fill it with seasonal florals or classic greenery for an eye-catching decor detail.

Use Decor to Introduce Curves to the Space


The curved lines in home decor is a trend worth adopting in your home because it adds softness and balance to your room. Pairing rounded decor like curved vases and glass bowls with the sharp corners of your TV and TV stand harmonizes the space for a designer vibe.

Odd Numbers Are Your Friend


If you want to add decor to your TV stand in a designer way, stick to the rule of odd numbers - or the rule of three. Grouping items in threes or fives tends to be more pleasing to the human eye and feels more harmonious in a space. If your items add up to an even number, split them up into odd groupings on the surface.

Corner Shelves Frame Your TV


Make the most of your wall space with a collection of corner shelves on one side of your TV. This is a great way to add decorative character with ceramics, books, or potted plants. Try to keep the total height of the shelves close to the height of your TV for a balanced look.

Decorate Built-Ins Like a Designer


Tucking your TV into a beautiful set of built-ins is one way to make a designer statement. The next step is to make sure your shelves look curated and intentional. Create visual triangles on each shelf with stacked books, ceramics, decorative figures, and plants. Be sure to leave plenty of blank space so the shelves don't look cluttered.

Make a Statement With Your Stand


If you need a stand for your TV, choose one that you truly love. A unique or vintage piece is one way to go, or you could opt for a TV stand that makes a modern style statement in your room and is so beautiful on its own that you don't need to add much decor to make it stylish.

Trays Catch Clutter & Look Cute


If you love a lot of decor or just have a lot of items to keep track of near your TV, you need at least one decorative tray in your life. These versatile decor pieces keep clutter from getting out of hand and make storing your entertainment needs effortlessly stylish. Reach for wood or metal in a rustic home and stone or acrylic for a more modern interior.

Add Some Framed Art


Whether you love paintings or posters, displaying them near your TV can look cluttered or disconnected. With frames and balanced space between the pictures and your television, your entertainment spot will look more like a thoughtfully designed gallery.

Try the Less-Is-More Approach


The key to an elegant space is knowing when to decorate and when to walk away. You certainly don't want your TV stand or the space around your TV to feel cluttered. Choose one or two focal points for decor and leave the rest of your space blank. Simplicity will help your space feel welcoming, and intentional statement pieces will direct the eye away from your TV when it's not on.

Lamps Warm Up the Space


Strategically placed lighting in your room will warm up the space you store your television. Cozy vibes will distract from the cold atmosphere electronics can give off, and the warm light will help balance the blue lights from your television for a more harmonious living space.

Plants Bring Life to Your Screen Time


It's always a good idea to bring plants into your interiors. They bring life, texture, and color to any room. When you place them around your TV, you create balance in a space that might often feel like it's disconnected from nature. Vary the heights and textures of the plants you use to create layers of greenery that light up your TV area.

Curate Your TV Stand for a Stylish Space


With your TV stand thoughtfully decorated, you'll be even more excited to relax in front of the screen at the end of a long day. You don't have to go overboard with decor or cover every surface of your stand. All you need to do is make the space look intentional, as if your TV stand is an important design feature of your room.

15 TV Stand Decor Ideas to Upgrade Your Entertainment Hub