18 Sparkling Ideas for Decorating With Glass Bowls

Elevate your home's style with these designer tips for filling and decorating with glass bowls.

Published May 16, 2023

Show off your styling skills with a decorative glass bowl that perfectly suits your home's design. Whether simple or ornate, decorating with glass bowls adds tons of interest for very little cost or time. Style glass bowls in your home like a pro for a sleek, creative, and elegant interior design detail.

Show Off Succulents


Succulents add life to your interior without demanding much maintenance. Show off your sweet little sprouts inside decorative glass bowls. Even if you prefer faux succulents, a glass bowl with pebbles will fool all of your home's guests into thinking you're a true plant parent with a knack for decor.

Make a Zen Bowl


If you are drawn to interior elements that bring about a sense of calm, try creating a zen or sensory bowl. Fill a glass bowl with water, colorful or textured pebbles, and soft flower petals for a decorative detail that inspires peace and tranquility.

Swap a Traditional Vase for a Glass Bowl


Embrace the soft curves of trending interior decor by swapping a traditional vase for a round glass bowl. Filled with water and overflowing with blooms, this look feels timeless while giving your space a refreshing look.

Add Color With Fresh Citrus


Who said decor had to be strictly visual? Give your decorative glass bowl a practical purpose and use it as a display for your fresh citrus fruits. Make the bright colors of your kitchen pop and encourage your family to eat more fruit all in one simple step. For a vibrant and sophisticate aesthetic, stick to one citrus fruit like lemons, oranges, or limes.

Make a Terrarium


Bring life and interesting texture to your space with a glass bowl terrarium. All you need is a little soil, fun rocks, plants you love, and a bit of creativity. This whimsical glass bowl decoration adds cute and quirky flair to your home's decor.

Craft a Floating Flower Bowl


Step into your cottagecore era and add florals anywhere and everywhere in your home. Make an elegant statement with those florals in a shallow glass bowl. Go the permanent route with an epoxy resin floating flower craft that makes your home feel like a spring spa all year round.

Display Your Candles


Amp up the elegant vibes with a sophisticated candle display. A shallow, round glass bowl makes the perfect tray for holding your candle collection while still making the space feel light and regal. This glass bowl decor trick looks like a professionally styled vignette, but it couldn't be an easier look to achieve.

Plant Some Paperwhites


There's no potting soil needed for this dainty and whimsical glass bowl decoration. Paperwhites thrive in water alone, so you can add them to a deep glass bowl filled with water for a breathtaking arrangement that leaves your hands and home free of dirt.

Introduce the Iridescent Trend to Your Home


Glass bowls already carry a certain chic and elegant essence. You can elevate that with a trending, sleek finish like iridescence. Paint the inside or outside of your glass bowl in an iridescent craft or spray paint for a simple look that feels ultra modern. Choose iridescent filler for your traditional glass bowl like pebbles or pearls.

Amp Up the Moody Vibes


Ambler glass is finding its way into countless interior styles, adding sophisticated and moody vibes to every space it touches. Bring this trending detail to your home by updating your simple glass bowl with an amber glass paint. If you prefer to save your clear class for future decor projects, use the amber paint on clear glass ornaments for a dark and moody bowl filler.

Set the Mood With Floating Tea Lights


For a dinner party with close friends or a relaxing evening in the bath, a glass bowl with floating tea lights helps set the perfect mood. Bring warmth, serenity, and subtle style to any room of your home with this flickering glass bowl filler.

Make It a Vessel Sink


If you love the sleek and modern look of a glass bowl but want to save space while showcasing an interesting design, try a vessel sink in your bathroom. Vessel sinks are making a big comeback, and colorful or frosted glass looks are leading the way. Make your glass bowl decor part of your design finishes with this chic look that screams luxury.

Make It Fancy & Festive


For seasonal decor, a glass bowl is a stylish vessel for all the sparkling ornaments that don't fit on your Christmas tree. Use a bowl full of ornaments as an end table detail, a dining room centerpiece, or thoughtful decor on your hearth. Add extra festive detail by placing the bowl in the center of a small holiday wreath.

Display Seasonal Spring Decor


Glass bowls are a fun way to display your seasonal decor, and that's not limited to just Christmas. Make place settings for Easter dinner with your collection of painted eggs in small glass bowls. Add all your eggs to one big bowl for a spring centerpiece that shines or to show off your Easter decor on a fireplace mantel.

Go Glam With Glitter


Whether it's seasonal decor or everyday elements, a bit of glitter glams up your home. Show off all the sparkle by displaying your glitter filler or ornaments in a delicate glass bowl.

Create Contrast With Bright Colors


Regardless of the filler you choose, whether it's flowers or fresh fruit, pay special attention to the colors you use. Create eye-catching contrast with vibrant, sunny colors inside of a bright and striking colored glass bowl. This double dose of color will bring life and interest to any room.

Choose Muted & Monochromatic Florals


If you love the maximalist and eclectic trends, a bowl overflowing with florals will suit your home well. Choose muted florals in similar colors to create a soft, monochromatic look that's still lively and full of texture.

Get Creative With Your Placement


Now that you've filled, painted, and decorated your glass bowl, it's time to decide where it should go in your home. The obvious places, like your coffee table or dining table, are classic choices for effortless style. If you want to get a little more creative, try some of these places for styling your beautiful decorative bowls.

Style Your Home Like a Pro With Glass Bowls


A few styling hacks and creative filler are all you need to transform your basic glass bowl. Dress up your home with a glass bowl detail that speaks to your style and shows off your excellent design skills. Once guests see how handy you are with decor, you'll be styling spaces for all your friends.

18 Sparkling Ideas for Decorating With Glass Bowls