15 Ideas for Eclectic Decor That Looks Intentional

Design an eclectic space to showcase all your favorite styles, colors, and art pieces.

Published March 3, 2023

Eclectic decor is much more than an overarching design style. This trending interior design system includes a focus on global inspiration, mixing old and new elements, and combining plenty of textures, patterns, and colors. Feature all of your favorite design details for an eclectic style that looks intentional and curated.

Mix Neutrals


One of the easiest ways to introduce eclectic style to your home is to start by mixing your go-to neutrals. Layering shades of black, gray, and white or brown, beige, and cream will set the stage for your eclectic decor to step into the spotlight.

Try a Gallery Wall


Showcase your eclectic decor with a gallery wall planned like a pro. Feature framed art, canvases, ceramics and baskets, and other art pieces that work together for a collected display of your favorite finds.

Combine Masculine & Feminine Elements


The key to eclectic style is learning how to blend contrasting decor elements seamlessly. Traditional feminine motifs like florals, soft colors, curved edges, and plush textures stand out among more masculine details like leather furniture, wood details, and sharp shapes.

Mix Traditional Styles With Industrial Vibes


Two styles that appear to oppose one another come together perfectly in an eclectic home. Add traditional materials and shapes to your industrial loft or include cottagecore decor in your contemporary house. Mixing unexpected design themes instantly creates an eclectic backdrop for the rest of your decor.

Avoid Matching Furniture Sets


The point of eclectic style is to showcase a wide range of decor and art. Matching furniture collections or bedroom sets will seem out of place in your eclectic decor. Try breaking things up by moving pieces into other rooms and including a few surprise elements like an armchair in a fun print, a dresser in a bold color, or a mismatched set of accent tables.

Play With Texture


Achieve your ideal eclectic style by mixing textures for a cozy and collected look. Combine smooth and glossy furniture with natural textures like stone and wood. Throw in a few leather, fur, and boucle items to really jazz up your space.

Combine Old & New Pieces


Working in a few new, modern pieces among your vintage decor will give you the easiest eclectic style ever. If you have an abundance of new furniture that features a modern style, slide in a vintage piece or add a gallery wall of antiques and vintage art for an instant eclectic update.

Use Global-Inspired Decor


One of the defining characteristics of eclectic style is the use of global decor details. Use art pieces, rugs, ceramics, and accent furniture to show off your good taste in decor from all over the world.

Max Out Your Decor


Eclectic decor fits perfectly into maximalist style. Display as much decor as you like, being careful to ensure that each piece and placement is intentional and works well with your other pieces. Make sure you're using various colors, textures, styles, and heights.

Create Layers


Create intentional layers within your eclectic style for a professional look. Layer throws and pillows on your sofa, layer various rugs in your living room, create layers of texture on your bed, and even layer your art pieces against a wall or on your mantel.

Showcase Your Art Collection


Part of the eclectic style involves using your vast art collection throughout your decor. Show off your collected sculptures, paintings, and small art pieces for a diverse display of all the art you love most.

Embrace Color


Color is an important aspect of the eclectic design style, and it's a fun characteristic to embrace in your home. Choose a few accent colors you love and show them off in your furniture, wall colors, textiles, and art. Don't be afraid to mix contrasting colors or use vibrant colors with muted tones. Eclecticism is all about combining your most-loved design details for a look that is uniquely yours.

Group Like Items Together


Finding your eclectic decor is only one part of the design equation. You also have to know how to decorate with it. For an easy approach, try grouping like items together for a collected look. Hang your basket collection on a wall or show off your ceramic collection on your mantel for instant eclectic style.

Mix Retro With Contemporary


Contemporary art alongside retro furniture will give you a unique look that feels intentional and effortless. When contemporary shapes meet the colors and textures of retro styles, your interiors will overflow with eclecticism.

Decide on a Color Palette


Eclectic design can go from intentional maximalism to cluttered collection without proper planning. One of the easiest ways to keep your eclectic style streamlined is to select a color palette as your guide when choosing decorative pieces.

Show Off Your Favorite Pieces With Eclectic Design


When you love two or more design styles equally, the eclectic decor trend helps you display all the details you love in one interior space. Blend your favorite colors, beloved art pieces, and ideal styles for an effortless eclectic style that feels uniquely perfect for your home.

15 Ideas for Eclectic Decor That Looks Intentional