Ladies' Long Black Leather Coat

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Few winter garments are as versatile as a ladies' long black leather coat. At once stylish and timeless, a black coat is to outerwear what a black dress is to eveningwear - reliable, elegant and perfect for nearly every occasion.

Luxurious Leather Coats

Leather is easily one of the most chic materials a woman can choose when selecting a coat. It is at once striking, stylish and timeless, and the warmth it provides is unsurpassed. Leather coats are available in many styles, from cropped motorcycle-inspired varieties to long, lean, flowing dusters. Colors are not very diverse in the leather coat world; the majority of coats are dark and neutral, but the occasional red and navy crop up from time to time. By far the most wearable and popular shade in leather coats, though, is black.

Choosing Ladies' Long Black Leather Coats

When it comes to a classic coat with enduring style, almost nothing tops a long length style. Throw in some leather, the ever ubiquitous black hue and you have a wonderfully versatile piece of outerwear that will keep you snug, cozy and fashionable all winter long.


Despite its versatility, choosing a long black leather coat can be a tricky feat for a woman. That's because length is such an important factor in determining whether a coat is right for a woman in the first place. These basic guidelines make it simple to narrow down the type of long coat that is best for your height:

  • Petite women look great in coats that hit at roughly mid-thigh or right at the knee, but no lower. A coat that is too long will easily overwhelm a petite frame.
  • Average women can pull off coats that fall to the knee or just below the knee. Again, don't go too low - you risk being swallowed up by the coat, although the effect will be less overwhelming on you than on a petite size.
  • Tall women can wear truly long coats, or those that fall to the mid-calf area.


Once you've determined the length, you can focus on the style of your coat. Since ladies' long black leather coats are so versatile and there is almost nothing they can't pair with, you will want to choose a cut that truly flatters your figure and works with the rest of your wardrobe. Leather and black alone are such classic, reliable elements - make sure you choose a style that really works with you and you will have a coat you can wear for years. Consider these tips when making the decision:

  • A lean coat that is slightly fitted is ideal for slender women. The fitted shape is quite flattering, and looks fantastic with boot cut jeans and sleek trousers alike.
  • A sweeping leather coat is an unusual piece, to be sure. It may not end up being the coat you turn to all season long, but can easily add a little panache and even a slight bohemian vibe to your wardrobe. Wear it open over something bright and colorful for contrast, or slip it on over a sleek black sheath to keep the mood dramatic.
  • A long black leather trench coat is one of the few coats you will be able to count on for years - even decades. Classic labels like Burberry and Mackage design exquisite black leather trenches in long, flattering cuts.
  • Plus size women can benefit from the addition of a belt, which cinches the waist and defines the body nicely. A leather coat may otherwise look too boxy or shapeless, which can be unflattering.

Brands to Watch

You can almost always count on a few labels to deliver the goods, especially when it comes to pieces as luxurious as black leather coats. When shopping, keep an eye on these names:

  • Calvin Klein: If you're watching your wallet yet still want something that looks authentic, look to Calvin Klein for a smart, polished and attractive faux leather coat instead. Long and lean, the designer's leather coats look just like the real deal - yet often cost less than $100.
  • Nicole Miller: The designer takes leather coats to extravagant heights with her unique wool/leather blends. The result is something that is both edgy and soft - a delightful combination that adds power to a woman's winter wardrobe.
  • Shamask: Count on designer Ronaldus Shamask to deliver big time when it comes to creating memorable leather coats. The designer utilizes unexpected details, like dolman sleeves, draping and pleating, to make a statement on his long coats.

Fit Is Everything

A coat isn't perfect unless it fits you properly. Try it on prior to purchasing it, and be sure to slip a sweater on underneath to determine its layering abilities. Since you'll likely wear this heavy coat throughout the coldest periods of the year, you'll want something that cooperates well with your winter wear. With these tips in mind, you'll be able to narrow down your selection to a leather coat that truly works for you.

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Ladies' Long Black Leather Coat