Paw Print Lockets to Celebrate Your Pet

Paw Print Locket

Paw print lockets make heartfelt gifts for animal lovers. The paw print can be a symbol of a beloved pet or a general love of animals. These lockets are often seen in the shape of hearts, honoring the love you feel towards your special pet. Whether looking for yourself or a friend, you are sure to find your 'purrfect' locket that can be kept close to the heart.

Diamond Paw Print Lockets

Craving a little sparkle in your locket? Diamond lockets are a classy way to wear your pet's memory or keep him or her close around your neck. Below are some stunning lockets to add a little shimmer to any occasion:

  • TenderVoices Diamond Paw Print Heart Locket
    TenderVoices Diamond Paw Print Heart Locket
    TenderVoices Diamond Paw Print Heart Locket: Reeds Jewelers has partnered with the ASPCA to bring to you this heartfelt locket. Available for about $110, this sterling silver locket features black enamel and diamond paw prints on its front. This locket includes an 18" chain and the locket itself opens to reveal a photo of your choice. This beautiful necklace ships for free and your purchase helps cats and dogs nationwide.
  • Diamond "Love" Heart Locket: Also available from Reeds Jewelers ,for under $130, this sterling silver locket is accented with diamonds and a 10k yellow gold-plated paw print in the middle. It comes with an 18" chain and has space for your pet's photo inside. This is another locket that is part of the ASPCA collection, so you can also feel good that some of the proceeds help to save lives.

Customized Paw Print Lockets

Sometimes you just want the real deal. When having a standard paw print locket isn't enough, these retailers go the extra mile to make sure that your locket is a one-of-kind unique piece:

  • A Pet's Memory is a locally owned and operated store by a husband and wife in Mississippi who have a strong passion for animals. They offer a beautiful, totally customized, sterling silver heart photo locket, with your pet's actual paw print featured on the front. Simply send them a high quality photo of your pet's paw print, and let them work their magic. This locket has room for three lines of engraving: 12 characters on line one, 8 on line two, and 4 on line three. The pendant itself is 3/4"W X 3/4"H and retails for about $160. Processing takes one to seven business days.
  • Whisper In The Heart is another business created in loving memory of the owners' previous precious pet. This store allows you to customize your locket to no end. They have personal jewelers, digital engravers, and etchers whom they work with to make sure that all of your accommodations are met. It is $10 to add any photo to the inside of the locket, and lockets are available in many different shapes and finishes such as yellow gold, white gold, sterling silver; shapes such as hearts, ovals, circles, and squares. Lockets range in price from roughly $50 up to about $700 for 14K plated gold. Having the actual paw print of your pet is a definite option, and it will cost you anywhere between $20 to about $125, depending on the type. Shipping is fast, but please allow a few extra days depending on how much personalization is required.

Round Lockets

Most of the time you see lockets in the form of heart shapes. However, there are some really cute round styles out there. Harder to find, but not impossible, check out these round paw print style lockets below:

  • 14k Yellow Gold Round Locket
    14k Yellow Gold Round Locket
    Round Double Photo Locket: This round locket necklace is extra special because it features the actual paw print of your precious pet on its front. This sterling silver locket is about $130 and comes with a free black satin chain, but you have the option to purchase other chain styles with your order. This locket has two slots for your pet's photo and you also have the option to engrave the back of the locket for an additional $25.
  • 14k Yellow Gold Round Locket: This solid 14k gold locket is absolutely stunning. Priced at $220 for 3/4" X 3/4" and $345 for 1" X 1", this round locket is a sweet reminder of your pet. Featuring a paw print on its front, this locket opens up to two photos of your pet. You can choose to have the pictures of your choice permanently imprinted into the locket, or you can add them yourself later. You also have the option to engrave this locket. This is a stylish locket that can be worn to more formal events, and/or of course daily.

Uniquely Shaped Lockets

No matter which locket you choose, it's really what's on the inside that counts. Shapes and sizes are just preferences, and no one locket is better than the next. Check out some distinctively shaped lockets below, though, if you are in the market for a paw print design that's a little different:

  • Dog Tag Locket Necklace
    Dog Tag Locket Necklace
    Dog Tag Locket Necklace: No pun intended, this is a cheeky way to wear the beautiful reminder of your pet around your neck. In the form of a traditional dog tag, this locket is totally customizable. Choose from different styles of paw prints for $25 to add to the front of the locket, create a custom engraving on the back, and inside the locket choose one or two photos or texts to include. Available in sterling silver or yellow gold, this necklace starts at around $65 with engraving and photos.
  • Teardrop Ash Holding Locket: This locket is unique in the sense that it actually holds your precious pet's ashes inside. In the shape of a teardrop, this locket is available in sterling silver, gold-plated, sold white and yellow gold, and platinum. This necklace features a paw print on the front and a special engraving of your choice on the back. A photo of your pet can also be laser engraved on the back. This heartfelt locket starts at around $200 with a free 18" sterling silver or gold plated rope chain, and can go up to upwards of $800 for solid gold and platinum. For solid gold and platinum options please allow four to five weeks.

Cat Paw Print Locket

Don't forget ... paw prints aren't only associated with dogs! For all the cat lovers out there, you're covered, too. Generally, the paw prints on most lockets are non-specific, meaning that the actual paw print can be associated with either a cat or a dog. However, if you are looking for something cat-specific, these lockets are for you:

  • Love My Cat Paw Print Locket
    Love My Cat Paw Print Locket
    "Love My Cat" Paw Print Locket: Pictures On Gold has long been serving consumers with sentimental gifts, and their "Love My Cat" paw print locket is no exception. Retailing for about $50, this precious heart-shaped locket comes in sterling silver and holds two photos. You even have the option to have a photo permanently lasered onto the locket if you wish to do so. Personalized message engraving is available, and it does not delay the shipping time. Locket is 3/4" X 3/4".
  • Two-Tone Heart Locket: Reeds Jewelers offers this two-tone heart locket with the words "Cats leave paw prints on our hearts" on its front. The locket is sterling silver and also features three yellow gold-plated paw prints on its front. Sold for about $120, this locket opens to reveal a photo of your choice and comes with an 18" sterling silver chain. Four mini diamonds also adorn the top. Processing time takes seven to ten business days.

Forever Remembered

What better way to make a lasting impression of your pet than to wear it's paw print around your neck daily? Pets are like family members, and whether you are grieving the loss of your pet, or simply just celebrating your pet's life, you will find that a paw print locket is a chic option to show your eternal love. The paw-themed locket is one piece of jewelry that will always be in style and treasured by many.

Paw Print Lockets to Celebrate Your Pet