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Wearing tight jeans is definitely a fashion risk, but when styled right they can look absolutely phenomenal. The trick is all in the fit - and in recognizing whether the look is right for your body type in the first place.

About Form-Fitting Jeans

Among the many varieties of jeans available, tight (or skinny) jeans are counted as some of the most popular. The conventional skinny jean is fitted from the waist to the calf area. They tend to be more relaxed (but not loose) at the knee and ankle. If you do like your denim slim, form-fitting and tight, you're in luck: there are many iterations of this style available, ranging from casual to edgy. They're also the very definition of versatile - whether worn with heels or flats, they look inimitably stylish.

Flattering Fit is Crucial

There are a number of ways to wear jeans that are so tight they almost appear to be painted on! Above and beyond any styling tip, though, is the importance of a flattering fit. Note the word flattering - even if it fits, it may not suit your figure well. Tight jeans do usually look best on slender shapes, but that is not to say they can't work on curvier shapes as well.

Styles of Tight Jeans

Cropped, studded, ripped, sprayed on…when it comes to tight jeans, there are almost endless varieties available. Before you head off to the store, take a moment to read through this list and get an idea of whether the look might (or might not!) be for you, as well as how to wear different types.


"Jeggings" are otherwise known as jean leggings. Consider a basic pair of leggings, which is usually stretchy and instantly conforms to the body's shape. A pair of jeggings works with you in the same way, namely because the material is simply designed to look like denim without actually being denim. The end result is a pair of ultra stretchy, form fitting pants that is softer than a pair of jeans and usually more comfortable than a pair of skinnies, too. This is one way to get away with wearing tight jeans if you have trouble finding the right cut in traditional denim. Visit Repeat Possessions for an intriguing selection, including tie-dye styles! Jeggings look best with loose tops that hit just below the hip.


"Treggings," also known as trouser leggings, present more versatility and wear options than jeggings. While definitely form fitting, they are more substantial than leggings and bear a strong resemblance to trousers, particularly in dark washes. Despite their ability to look slightly dressy, treggings are still best worn relaxed. Try them with a loose scoop neck T-shirt and a pair of boots for an urban-chic look, or opt for heels, a blazer and a loose tank for a more polished look.

Skinny Jeans

They're not leggings or hybrid trousers - skinny jeans are the real deal. The right fit can create a perfectly streamlined look. Don't think you have to be extremely skinny to wear them, though. To make those skinnies work on a curvier figure, try wearing a draped top (a slinky tank is a great counterpoint to the jeans' sleek fit - it also hides a little pudge at the waistline!). Elongate the leg by slipping into a pair of heeled boots - a low-profile wedge heel on a knee-high boot is also appropriate if walking around on teetering four-inchers is impractical. Of course, the style of jean you wear is also crucial. Try many styles so that you have something to compare fit and feel to. Some labels, like PZI Jeans, specialize in cuts for curvy shapes.

If your figure is slender, you may have the pick of the litter when it comes to selection. That said, it's still important to try a number of styles on to determine which best suits your shape. Most women are familiar with the difficulties involved in finding the perfect pair of jeans - few are immune to that, unfortunately!

Helpful Tips

  • Cropped styles cut off at the ankle and look sporty with a pair of sneakers and a loose T-shirt.
  • Don't worry if they scrunch slightly around the ankle. Worn with heels, the denim will fall slightly over the ankle and shoe. Note that this is less flattering worn with a pair of flats.
  • Skinny jeans should ideally be fairly tight at the waist; this helps avoid the tendency to hike them up repeatedly.
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