How to Decorate a Bedroom With Slanted Walls Like a Designer

Maximize space and elevate your bedroom decor with these tips for styling a room with slanted walls.

Published June 14, 2023

Give your bedroom with slanted walls or slanted ceilings the designer approach for tackling this interior challenge. Your bed placement, wall color, furniture size, and room layout will all impact how the bedroom looks. Maximize the space and get creative with these designer ways for making a bedroom with slanted walls work for you.

Add Wooden Beams

Those slanted walls in your bedroom can actually look like an intentional designer choice with the right approach. Adding decorative wooden beams to the walls and ceilings will make your necessary slanted walls or ceiling look like an architectural design choice you made on purpose. Wooden beams can look modern or rustic, so don't feel you're boxed in with just one style here.

Arrange the Bed Against the Slanted Wall

Don't let the slanted wall in your bedroom feel like dead space. If you've already sacrificed some square footage, use this part of the room for a large piece of furniture like your bed. With the headboard against the slanted wall, you maximize the space and create a cozy bedroom setting all at the same time.

Use Short Shelving

That fraction of the lower wall in your bedroom can have great purpose! Choose a bookshelf or another accent furniture piece - like a console - to fill in the space and make it useful. This approach gives you storage, a place for decor, and helps you forget about the vertical space you don't get to use.

Highlight Natural Light Sources

If your bedroom has a slanted wall or ceiling, you might feel like the space is a bit dark or lacks the room for accent lighting. Your solution here is to maximize and highlight any natural light sources in the room. Whether you have windows, skylights, or even a balcony, focus the room toward those points. You want the eye to be drawn to your windows right away. Forgo heavy window treatments in favor of functional shades or bare windows.

Paint Walls White

Fun or dark colors are certainly an option in your bedroom, but if your room feels small or choppy because of the slanted walls, consider the lightest color possible. A soft and warm white on your walls and ceiling will reflect the most light into the room, make the space feel seamless - which also makes it look bigger - and help the eye focus on decor rather than the walls.

Add Wall Panels

Why not embrace the slanted wall feature in your bedroom? Add wall paneling - like shiplap or beadboard - to bring in texture and help the wall feel more intentional. Try vertical panels to lengthen the height of the space or opt for horizontal to widen the room and take the focus off of the irregular wall.

Bring in Cozy Accent Lighting

A room with slanted walls probably feels snug already, so amp up the comfy vibes with soft accent lighting. Sconces, bedside lamps, or a floor lamp will warm up the room and embrace the coziness of the architecture in the room. Reach for light bulbs that are warm to create a daylight type of lighting effect.

Accent With Wallpaper

Transform your slanted wall or ceiling into a feature wall that directs the style of your bedroom. Go soft and subtle or embrace something bold and fun. A striking wallpaper is a great way to add color and interest on a small section of wall so it feels like a part of the design rather than something you're trying to divert attention from.

Color Drench the Room

Color drenching is the design process of carrying one color - especially a paint color - throughout your entire space. This trendy design feature is perfect for a room with slanted walls or ceilings. With the same color from floor to ceiling, you make the space look bigger and less choppy. Take it even further by adding the color in furniture and decor pieces.

Make It Modern

Slanted ceilings and walls lend themselves so well to modern design schemes. The sharp, geometric shapes created in the architecture are an ideal foundation for sleek and contemporary decor features. Play with vertical and horizontal lines in the space, choose smooth finishes like marble and chrome, and add sleek accent furniture.

Layer Soft Details

If you prefer to balance the sleek and sharp details of slanted walls, start by layering soft details in the room. A rug and an upholstered bed are foundational pieces that act as soft accent features. A plush accent chair, a large pouf, layers of blankets, and a collection of throw pillows harmonizes the space for the perfect balance of sharp and soft.

Create Space With Mirrors

If your bedroom feels small because of the slanted walls, this designer trick creates the illusion of more space. Strategically placed mirrors reflect light and play a subtle trick on the eye, making the room feel larger than it really is. Try using a mirror on the wall that isn't slanted to maximize the space and add the light reflection your room needs.

Go Boho

If ever there was a bedroom space that calls for a bohemian design scheme, it's the bedroom with slanted walls. Warm colors, wooden features, woven decor, and layers of texture feel right at home in a bedroom with sloped ceilings.

Choose Furniture With Short Backs

If you want to add accent furniture to your bedroom, you might need to look for pieces with shorter backs to accommodate the slanted walls in your space. This feels quite cozy and helps you add the pieces you love without losing square footage behind them. With a back at the right height, you can still place furniture against the wall rather than pulling everything in the room toward the middle.

Try a Platform Bed

A tall headboard or oversized canopy might not work well in your bedroom if the walls are slanted, but a platform bed will give you the height and decorative feature you want without making the space feel cramped. You can even create storage space with the platform's edge and still have a stylish bed that serves the space in a practical way.

Add Built-Ins

You might be short on space for accent or storage furniture in your bedroom because of the slanted walls. This is the ideal situation for cleverly designed built-ins. Make the most of short walls, small spaces, and areas that feel as if they don't serve the space by adding built-in shelves or even some cabinetry and drawers. This will save space by replacing accent furniture pieces like shelving units, dressers, chests, and nightstands.

Lean Into Slanted Walls

It might seem like a decorating obstacle at first, but you can embrace the challenge and create a stunning space with your slanted walls. Creativity goes a long way in maximizing your space, showcasing designer details, and curating a bedroom with challenging angles. Learn to love the architectural details in your home with these hacks.

How to Decorate a Bedroom With Slanted Walls Like a Designer