17 Black Shiplap Wall Ideas for Dramatic Design

A wall of black shiplap brings depth and drama to your space. Learn how to design an elevated home with these black shiplap ideas.

Published May 15, 2023

Shiplap is the new black. For designer drama and instant elegance, black shiplap on your walls or ceiling effortlessly elevates your space. Design your home like a pro with sophisticated black shiplap ideas that transform any room into a dark and daring interior.

Complement Black Shiplap With Neutral Furniture


Black shiplap on walls gives you a refined foundation for bringing in layers of neutral furniture and other design details. Go the warm route with medium and deep browns that help your black shiplap feel high end. Soft shades of gray keep your palette cool and give you an opportunity to work with bright white decor as well.

Build the Perfect Backdrop for a Headboard


Help your upholstered headboard stand out with a contrasting color and texture by using black shiplap on the wall behind the bed. The black brings drama and a certain moody vibe to the room, which you can balance with soft textures and light colors on the bed.

Make a Statement on Your Kitchen Island


If you need a touch of designer elegance in your kitchen, wrap your island in black shiplap. More regal than its white counterpart, black shiplap brings depth to your kitchen and works as well with bright white cabinets as it does with rich wood-stained cabinets. Accent the depth of the island with matte black lighting and plumbing fixtures.

Contrast Black Shiplap With White Decor


A high-contrast interior feels sleek and ultra-modern. You can achieve this look by highlighting the depth of your black shiplap with bright white furniture and decor. Look for soft textures in bright shades of white to create a visual juxtaposition that makes everyone think you called in a professional.

Use Black Shiplap on Your Ceiling


Black shiplap isn't just for dressing up your walls. Try a clever application of this trending material by covering your ceiling with black shiplap. On its own, this look is already sophisticated and designer, but complementing the detail with wood beams in a medium, warm stain will elevate your home even more.

Paint Doors Black to Match the Shiplap


Drench your space in a dramatic black color by carrying the shade of your shiplap on to other architectural elements. Paint your doors in a matte or satin black to amplify the look of your black shiplap.

Install Black Shiplap Vertically


If you want to use black shiplap but avoid a farmhouse look, swap those traditional horizontal boards for an updated vertical application. This look will create the illusion of taller ceilings and keep your style more in line with your elegant and timeless preferences.

Bring Drama to Your Bathroom With Black Shiplap


Give your master bath or half bath a high-end upgrade with black shiplap. For a seamless look, carry the shiplap onto all four walls. Add to the luxe vibes with gold bathroom fixtures, crisp white towels, and a pop of deep color on your vanity - try rich olive green or muted magenta.

Update a Traditional Accent Wall


Accent walls are still trending, just in a more refined way. Use black shiplap to make your wall stand out and add texture and visual interest to an otherwise ordinary room. Black shiplap on a wall in your living room helps your TV blend in and creates depth to elongate or widen your room. The wall behind your dining table comes alive with black shiplap, and your entry looks more intentional with a wall of black shiplap and a statement mirror.

Highlight Black Shiplap With Other Black Decor


Since black is so chic and trendy, you may as well layer it for a moody and stylish look. Highlight your black shiplap with additional black details like light fixtures, furniture frames for upholstery, and black window frames. This monochromatic look feels dark in the very best way.

Make Your Mudroom or Laundry Room Stylish


Black shiplap transforms your mudroom or laundry room into a designer space that actually feels inviting. Use it as an accent wall or carry it throughout the room to make the space a moody oasis, even when you're folding towels. Mudrooms and laundry rooms are an opportunity to have fun with decor, so contrast the dark black with bold colors or embrace the depth with equally dark shades.

Combine Black Shiplap With Wood Tones


Your shiplap boards may be painted black, but that doesn't mean you have to abandon the wood look altogether. Rich and warm shades of wood in medium tones actually complement your black shiplap. Use this wood and black painted combination for modern farmhouse, academic, and industrial design styles to amp up the sophistication while maintaining plenty of traditional character.

Add Black Shiplap to a Fireplace


If you're a little hesitant about the dark shiplap trend, try introducing it to your home in small doses. A black shiplap fireplace creates an elegant, yet still daring, accent in your home that's easily brightened with the rest of your color palette, soft shades on furniture, and lighter tones in decor.

Elevate the Style in Your Home Office


Turn your standard home office into a regal study with the dark and moody vibes of black shiplap. Let this be the foundation of your home office color palette and style, and lean into the studious, traditional aspects of the trend. Black shiplap pairs beautifully with a wooden desk, large built-in shelves, and a timeless leather desk chair.

Layer on the Luxe Details


Gold, leather, velvet, and ornate decor ensure that your black shiplap looks like a luxury design element. Though the trend has a place among more rustic or industrial designs, black shiplap can act as a distinguished foundation for more glamorous styles. Help the luxurious side of your shiplap stand out with materials and pieces that are more timeless in style and bolder in color or finish.

Pair Black Shiplap With Wallpaper


Because black shiplap blends into the background, it's a perfect match for a room with bold wallpaper. Whether you're combining accent walls or splitting your walls with chair rail, black shiplap beneath or next to a vibrant or dark wallpaper complements a busy pattern with structured texture. This is a beautiful combination in bathrooms, hallways, and laundry rooms.

Embrace the Rustic Side of Shiplap


Rustic styles, whether vintage or modern farmhouse, are where shiplap made its mark on interior design trends. Though black shiplap is versatile and can complement more contemporary styles, it still shines in rustic settings. Black shiplap looks picture perfect alongside your vintage decor, in a historical home, or in a room with farmhouse-inspired pieces.

Shiplap Is Back in Black


White shiplap had its time to shine at the height of the farmhouse design craze, but black shiplap offers a new level of designer flair. Don't let the dark color scare you because this trend has enough sophistication and neutral color to withstand the changing trends of years to come.

17 Black Shiplap Wall Ideas for Dramatic Design