10 Affordable Ways to Give Your Home an Old-Money Aesthetic

Timeless elegance is the vibe of the moment, and trending old-money interior design is your ticket to get the look.

Published November 27, 2023

Old-money interior design is taking over home decor, and we're starting to get slightly obsessed with this trend. For a classic style that looks far more expensive than it is, the old-money aesthetic is an easy way to bring a trendy look into your home that's still timeless and affordable. 

Start With the Right Neutrals


One of the key features of the old-money interior aesthetic is the neutral color scheme. Avoid super trendy or stark neutrals for this style. Bright white or trending black on your walls won't give off the same sophisticated vibes as some of these neutrals.

  • Charcoal gray
  • Purple-toned gray
  • Dark navy
  • Creamy white
  • Espresso brown
  • Soft beige
  • Camel brown
  • Deep olive green
Fast Fact

Black and white, as well as bright colors, have their place in the old-money aesthetic. But they aren't usually seen in large amounts or throughout entire rooms.

It's All in the Details


Crown molding, doorway arches, throw pillows, and bathroom tile are just a few examples of small details that make a big impact on your old-money aesthetic. Paying attention to these details helps you add unique features to your home that help it stand out in the best way. If your home is older, you may already have some of these elements to work with. If you have a new build, consider adding architectural details or additional texture to the space with your hard surface materials.

Choose Timeless Patterns


If you want your old-money interior to feel timeless long after the trend passes, you'll want to choose timeless patterns. Because these patterns are almost always available, they'll also be budget-friendly.

  • Pinstripes
  • Dark-toned florals
  • Plaids
  • Houndstooth
  • Paisley
  • Chinoiserie
  • Toile
  • Nature-inspired prints

Add Antiques to Your Home


Collected pieces, antique items, and family heirlooms are a subtle way to bring old-money vibes to your home. Curate items that look one-of-a-kind, appear to have an interesting backstory, or feel like genuine antiques. 

Quick Tip

Pairing antiques or heirloom pieces with modern decor levels up your old-money aesthetic and helps you avoid falling into a strictly vintage style.

Opt for Understated & Elegant Materials


The old-money aesthetic doesn't require a budget-breaking interior design plan. Instead, it calls for selecting simple features that feel expensive. Understated yet elegant materials quietly whisper "generational wealth" to your guests. Reclaimed hardwood floors, simple linen curtains, textured tile, and brass fixtures are timeless ways to bring the old-money style to your space.

Introduce Historic Colors


Rich, saturated colors have a place in the old-money style. You'll want to include small doses of historic colors with depth and interest. Maroon, muted shades of blue, shimmering gold, and dusty pinks feel timeless alongside old-money neutrals. You can also include rich purple, vibrant yellow-green, and teal

Style Corners Thoughtfully


If you're looking for a minimalist style, you won't likely find it in the old-money aesthetic. Thoughtfully curated corners and vignettes are seen throughout this style, and it's one way you can add the stunningly classic vibes of old money to your home. 

Try looking at each room of your home in sections and see where you can add thoughtful decor. A desk, reading nook, or conversation area might stand out in your living room. A cozy chair, elegant vanity, or welcoming bed could level up your primary bedroom. 

Focus on Craftsmanship


What sets old-money style apart from modern design trends is the focus on quality materials rather than a large of collection of mass-produced pieces. Just a few crafted pieces in your home can spark the sophisticated and expensive look you want. Look for sturdy pieces of vintage furniture, custom drapes, or local art pieces to kickstart your old-money aesthetic.

Textiles Play a Part


If you want to focus on just one main area in your home to bring in the old-money look, textiles are the way to go. You can easily swap trendy duvets, pillows, drapes, rugs, and throw blankets with more refined styles. Invest in quality natural fabrics like cotton, linen, silk, and wool. Look for traditional and timeless patterns and mix-and-match prints and colors to achieve the old-money collected vibe.

Statement Lighting Is the Way to Go


If you don't want to overhaul your entire home or start remodeling on a major scale, you might consider adding statement lighting to your home. A vintage chandelier, traditional sconces, and statement lamps stand out among neutral and understated decor for an upscale style that works year after year.

Old Money With a New Budget


You don't have to spend a year's earnings to get an expensive look. Building your old-money aesthetic takes a bit of time as you collect pieces and make thoughtful swaps, but it will continue to look elegant as newer trends move in. 

10 Affordable Ways to Give Your Home an Old-Money Aesthetic