Bumblebee Costume Ideas

Adorable Worker Bee

A bumblebee is a festive and fun costume for any party or Halloween celebration. Whether you buy one or create one, your bee costume is sure to have everyone buzzing, even after the festivities are over.

Select a Great Bee Costume

The fastest and easiest way to get a great bumblebee costume is to purchase one. Purchased costume sets usually come with everything you need right in the package, from the wings to the antennae to the yellow and black body suit. Online vendors have bee costumes year 'round.

  • Halloween Express has a women's bee costume that's killer - a strapless striped tube dress, flirty petticoat skirt, antennae headpiece, and gauzy wings. Wear it with your own fishnet hose and mile-high heels for maximum buzz. The sexy bee comes in Small/Medium or Medium/Large for $34 with free economy shipping.
  • Mens Bumble Bee Costume
    Mens Bumble Bee Costume
    Walmart's got you covered in black and yellow stripes. The balloon bee-tunic fits all and the women's standard-size costume - for about $17 with free 2-day shipping that includes a bee-striped tunic, wings, hood with antennae, and bee stinger. The Big Guy can join you in a matching buzz-suit in XL for $30 and your 3- to 5-year-old little bug has his own version - balloon striped tunic and hood with velcro closure, wings and stinger - for about $9.
  • What could be cuter than your tiny honey bee in a fuzzy, yellow-and-black striped footy romper with foam wings, a flower rattle and flower appliques on the footy bottoms? Wholesale Halloween Costumes has an infant sized costume for less than $32 in a 6-12 month size. If you splash out and outfit the whole hive you can get free shipping - $99 will do it for you.
  • Pop the 2- to 4-year-old twins in their own satiny bee-striped dresses with yellow-and-black net skirts and curly black antennae headbands for less than $25. It's also available at Wholesale Halloween Costumes.
  • An adult mascot costume fits up to size 42" and includes a velvety striped jumpsuit, a bumblebee head with see-through eye mesh and antennae, and foot covers and mittens. It works for a team mascot as well and costs under $130. If the family tab tops $200, you get $25 off at Wholesale Halloween. Nice buzz.

Don't forget to check out your local discount stores and seasonal stores in the fall. They often have bee costumes in stock, with discounted prices as Halloween draws near. If you need the costume for the next year, wait until after the holiday to purchase for the best price.

Make a Bee Costume

If you don't want to purchase a bumblebee costume, consider making your own. It's easy to create one that anyone can wear.

Women and Girls

female bee costume

Make a great bumblebee for women by following these instructions:

  1. Grab a black t-shirt or tank top.
  2. Wrap yellow utility tape around the top to create stripes.
  3. Add a black or yellow mini-skirt and leggings or a yellow tutu with striped knee socks. You can use a tutu you own, or follow a sewing pattern, modifying it for kids or adults.
  4. Add homemade antennae and yellow fairy wings to complete the costume.

Wings can be picked up relatively cheaply from most costume supply stores. However, even without the wings, people will still recognize the bumblebee costume.

Unisex and Men

Follow these simple steps to create a fast unisex bee costume:

  1. Cut arm and head holes into a large black trash bag.
  2. Wrap yellow utility tape around the bag to create the bumblebee stripes.
  3. Wear a long sleeve black t-shirt and black sweatpants or leggings, and put the trash bag over your head.
  4. Add your homemade antennae before heading out for trick-or-treating.

Make Antennae

Bumble bee boy

To make your own antennae, follow these easy steps:

  1. Spray paint small Styrofoam balls black or yellow.
  2. While the balls dry, wrap thin black wire or pipe cleaners around a headband. Leave one end sticking up about four inches, and twist the other end around the base so it is sturdy and the ends do not poke you in the head.
  3. Once the Styrofoam balls are dry, add a little super glue to the end of the wire and then push the wire into the balls.
  4. Wait for the glue to dry before wearing.

Buzz Worthy Bee Costumes

Hoist your antennae and camo-up in stripes for a bee caper that grabs the spotlight at Halloween or in a summer dress-up party. A swarm of tiny queens and drones is a sweet photo op in a garden birthday party. Your home hive, suitably striped and winged, might make a show-stopping holiday card. Whatever the occasion, a bumblebee costume creates some buzz - with you at the center of it.

Bumblebee Costume Ideas