Jungle Theme Costumes

Amazon Woman Costume

Jungle theme costumes come in far more varieties than the standard Tarzan-and-Jane famous couples costumes. With a bit of creativity, it is possible to create a jungle look for birthdays, Halloween, masquerade parties, or any safari-inspired event.

Ideas for Jungle Theme Costumes

When pressed to name costume ideas that fit a jungle or safari theme, most people could easily come up with two or three different outfits. If the event is thoroughly themed, however, guests run the risk of being one of several Tarzans or Janes in the crowd. From classic costumes to outrageously creative designs, ideas for jungle costumes include:

  • Tarzan and Jane couples or individuals
  • King Kong or a more generic gorilla
  • Jungle animals such as leopards, monkeys, elephants, tropical birds, tigers or boa constrictors
  • Safari hunters or explorers
  • Amazon jungle warriors
  • Native tribesmen or medicine men
  • Insects such as venomous spiders or exotic butterflies
  • Jungle fantasy fairies
  • Jungle foliage such as a palm tree or vibrant flower
  • Tiki figures with fun or villainous expressions
  • A king-of-the-jungle lion or lion cub
  • A "Survivor" type reality show contestant, complete with immunity idol or torch
  • Jungle tourist with binoculars and gaudy tropical print shirt

Which costume is most appropriate not only depends on the person's age, but also the party's precise theme. The jungles of Brazil, for example, are far different than the jungles of Africa, and while many guests won't notice such nuances, taking the time to create a realistic and appropriate costume can make the fantasy more authentic.

Finding Jungle Costumes


Most costume stores offer at least a minimal selection of jungle and safari theme costumes, but they can be difficult to find. Another option is to search online. Typing in "jungle" may not yield adequate results. If possible, specify a type of animal or character from a jungle-themed movie or book.

Online costume merchants with a variety of jungle apparel include:





Jungle theme costumes are great for a tropical-themed party or just as a unique masquerade option for all ages. From birds and bugs to animals, explorers, and natives, there is a jungle option available to bring out anyone's wild side.

Jungle Costume Creative Details

Many costume retailers offer basic jungle style costumes, but by adding a few details you can personalize the getup. Adding unique touches also distinguishes a costume in case another guest has the same outfit. Popular costume embellishments include:

  • Makeup "whiskers" for jungle cat costumes
  • Wooden or leather jewelry for jungle tribesmen
  • A map and compass for jungle explorers
  • Tropical silk flowers added to standard jungle attire
  • Wild hair styles that suit a jungle lifestyle away from the salon
  • Rich tans for jungle inhabitants
  • Dirt under the fingernails of a "Survivor" contestant, or authentic "Survivor" merchandise such as a shirt
  • Antique firearm replicas for a jungle hunter

By adding simple details to a basic costume, you can create a completely unique jungle look just as wild as the party's theme.

Making Your Jungle Costume


If jungle costumes are not enough, there are many ways to create an entire jungle theme for a party, dance, or other event. Halloween props can be purchased or rented from specialty stores. Ideas include:

  • Tableware and dishes in jungle colors (green, brown, or tropical motifs)
  • Fake palm trees or real potted palms
  • Mural scenes of jungle foliage, wildlife, or waterfalls
  • Vines and floral garlands in place of plain streamers
  • Pith hats for bowls
  • Torches for authentic lighting

By giving the setting a jungle theme, you can be sure that your guests will have a wild time.

Jungle Theme Costumes