Star Trek Uniform Pattern

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Making your own Star Trek uniform is a great way to get the authentic style and the correct fit for a convention or party. There are a number of sewing patterns on the market that can help you achieve the perfect look, whether you're going for the era of the original series, The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, or one of the shows or movies. Most require a little sewing experience to work with the stretch fabrics, but you don't have to be an expert for these patterns.

Star Trek Costume Patterns from the Original Series

The original Star Trek TV series featured the following uniform colors, so you'll want to consider these options in choosing fabric for your costume:

  • Command and helm - lime green, which often looked yellow or gold on film
  • Science and medical personnel - blue
  • Operations, security, and engineering - red

Women's Skant or Short Dress

Star Trek skant uniform
Star Trek Female Uniform Skant Pattern from Entertainment Earth

In the original series, women crew members wore "skants" or short dresses. These were very much inspired by the fashions of the late 1960s. You can find a good, though somewhat challenging, skant pattern from Roddenberry Shop. It fits sizes four through 20 and takes about three yards of fabric. This pattern retails for about $20.

According to reviews by people making this costume on the Star Trek Uniforms and Costumes message board, you may face some challenges with this pattern.

  • People who have made it have found that it's best to go up one size larger than what the pattern sizing recommends.
  • They also note that an 18-inch zipper is appropriate if you use a stretch fabric, but if you're using velour or another thick, rigid fabric, you should stick with a 23-inch zipper.
  • It's also very important to add three or more inches to the bottom of the dress, since the pattern ends up being short even by 1960s standards.

Men's Wrap Uniform

Star Trek Men's Wrap Uniform pattern from Entertainment Earth
Men's Wrap Uniform pattern from Entertainment Earth

The wrap uniform was a standard men's look in the original series, and you can re-create this costume using a pattern from Roddenberry. This pattern is quite a bit simpler than the skant, although you'll still need to measure carefully to get an accurate fit. This uniform pattern is available in sizes small through extra-extra large. This pattern retails for about $20.

There aren't any reviews of this specific pattern; however, there are some things you can do to make the process go more smoothly.

  • Start by choosing stretch fabrics, which are more forgiving of discrepancies in fit. This close-fitting garment needs to be snug to look authentic.
  • Make a mock-up using an inexpensive fabric with the same characteristics as the one you plan to use in your final design. This will help you identify and fix problem areas.

Men's Starfleet Officer Uniform Shirt

The traditional men's uniform shirt is an important staple for any Star Trek costume, and you can find a great pattern on Star Trek Memorabilia. This uniform pattern is based on the original design used in the TV show, so it's about as accurate as you can get. It fits sizes small through extra-extra large and retails for about $20.

Reviews of this pattern on state that it does not fit true to size. It's best to go up one size to ensure the finished product will have a comfortable fit. However, the end result has an authentic, quality look.

Patterns for Costumes from The Next Generation

Star Trek: The Next Generation also had specific uniform color combinations that indicated the character's rank, so you may want to consider these options in choosing fabric for your costume:

  • Command - red
  • Engineering - gold
  • Science and medical - blue

Startfleet Jumpsuit Uniforms for Men and Women

When the series first began airing, both men and women wore one-piece jumpsuits. These jumpsuits require some skill to construct, since they aren't quite as forgiving as a two-piece outfit. At Roddenberry Shop, you can find a jumpsuit pattern for men as well as the women's jumpsuit pattern both in sizes extra small through extra-extra large. Each pattern retails for $20.

There aren't any reviews of these patterns, but they will both require some sewing experience. For best results:

  • Choose a thick fabric with two-way stretch, such as a ponte knit.
  • Measure carefully, and double-check the measurements of the pattern pieces to make sure they are correct.
  • You may want to allow extra length at the sleeves and cuffs, which you can adjust and hem as required later.

In addition, it's always a good idea to make a mock-up of the uniform first before cutting into your more expensive fabric.

Starfleet Uniform Trousers

Later in the series, the show replaced the uncomfortable jumpsuits with two-piece uniforms. These featured separate pants and jackets for both men and women. If you're interested in re-creating this look, you can use your own black pants or make a pair using this unisex Starfleet uniform trousers pattern from Roddenberry. This pattern fits sizes extra small through extra-extra large and retails for about $15.

Although there are no reviews of this pattern, you'll likely have better luck if you choose a thick fabric and make a mock-up of the final design. Pants are one of the trickiest clothing items to sew, since they are less forgiving of problems in fit. The stretch fabric should help a lot with this issue, and you may also want to make the pants slightly longer than the pattern suggests. This will give you flexibility with the inseam so that they will fit a person of any height.

Next Generation Uniform Jackets

Xscape Props has a men's Starfleet uniform jacket pattern that is based on the original wardrobe of the show. This quality pattern includes everything you need to make the men's jacket in sizes small through extra-extra large. This pattern retails for about $20.

Once again, there are not any reviews of this pattern, but it will be a tricky design for someone without sewing experience. It really needs to fit perfectly in the shoulders to have the right effect. Try this fitting process to get the look you have in mind:

  1. For the best results, make a mock-up of the design using an inexpensive fabric.
  2. Then turn the mock-up inside out and adjust the seams to give it the perfect fit.
  3. Trim the seams and take the mock-up apart.
  4. Use the pieces of the mock-up instead of your pattern to create the actual garment.

Next Generation Dresses and Skants

Although the women of Next Generation often wore jumpsuits and pants, they also donned skants and longer dresses from time to time. Roddenberry Shop has patterns for a counselor's dress uniform. It fits sizes extra small through extra-extra large. Both patterns retail for $20.

Hello Cosplay offers the skant pattern in sizes extra-small to extra-large. You can also choose to have it custom made, and it retails for around $50.00

According to reviews on the Starfleet 1701st Star Trek Uniform Club message board, there are some problems with the counselor dress pattern where the skirts meet the bodice. You'll need to take in the bodice waist for an appropriate fit. The entire pattern also tends to run big, so double-check your measurements against the pattern pieces.

Patterns for Costumes from Deep Space Nine and Voyager

Deep Space Nine ushered in a new uniform style featuring an open-necked jumpsuit. Voyager used the same uniform style.

Deep Space Nine and Voyager Women's Jumpsuits

You can purchase a Deep Space Nine Jumpsuit pattern from XScape Props. It retails for around $25.

There aren't any reviews specific to this pattern, but the women's jumpsuit from Deep Space Nine and Voyager is a bit simpler than the jumpsuits from Next Generation. The open neck makes this style more forgiving to fit issues in the shoulders. However, you'll still want to measure carefully, especially where height is concerned. Leaving a little extra fabric length on the cuffs and sleeves can help with potential fit issues as well.

Deep Space Nice and Voyager Men's Jumpsuits

Bad Wolf Costumes has a good pattern for the men's Deep Space Nine Jumpsuit. It fits sizes small through extra large and retails for about $30.

Perfect Costume from Any Era

A sewing pattern can help you create the perfect Star Trek costume from any era. If you work carefully and take your time, you'll end up with an outfit you'll be proud to wear to any convention or costume party.

Star Trek Uniform Pattern