Top Gun Costumes

Top Gun Costume

Top Gun is a classic, beloved movie from 1986, populated by memorable characters and stunning footage of fighter planes in action. It's a great choice to use for inspiration for a Halloween or other costume party, alone or in a group.

Flight Suit Costume

The classic Top Gun look is a flight suit/set of coveralls with some distinct patches on the chest and arms.

Purchased Replica Flight Suit

A replica suit gives you an authentic look.

  1. Start with a white round-necked T-shirt.
  2. Use a purchased replica jumpsuit (small through x-large and plus, $70).
  3. Wear black ankle boots.
  4. Finish it off with aviator sunglasses.
  5. Optional: Wear a fake mustache to be Maverick's partner, Goose.

Create Your Own Flight Suit

Put your own touch on a flight suit by creating your own.

  1. Use a plain men's olive green coverall (short, regular, tall sizes available, $53) or a spruce green men's jumpsuit (34 Regular through 62 Regular, some in Long, $28).
  2. Add iron-on patches ($14) or make the patches. Otherwise, cut small patches of felt in the appropriate background color. Use red, white, blue, black, and yellow fabric markers to recreate patches. Cut them out.
  3. Hand-sew or safety-pin the patch onto the jumpsuit.
  4. Let everyone know which character you are by adding a Goose, Iceman, or Maverick patch or create a custom patch with any name and call sign. Make your own with black or blue felt and fabric paint in gold or deep red - capitalize all letters of your nickname and replicate the eagle emblem to the best of your ability.
  5. Add the patch with fabric glue, a few stitches, or safety pins.
  6. Finish with black boots and aviator glasses.

Casual Maverick Costume

Leg Avenue LATG83703-L Mens Top Gun Bomber Jacket in Large
Top Gun Bomber Jacket

For a more dressed-down men's Top Gun look that just screams 1980s fashion:

  1. Wear a white round-necked T-shirt.
  2. Add a men's brown bomber jacket (Large, X-Large $60).
  3. Add the iron-on patches to the jacket for more detail.
  4. Or, purchase a screen replica jacket (44/46, Small, Medium, Large, $55-65).
  5. Wear relaxed fit blue jeans.
  6. Put on a pair of aviator sunglasses.

Charlie Costume

The female lead, expert instructor and astrophysicist Charlie Blackwood, wears a simple outfit and leather jacket with its sleeves pushed up, which is decorated with several patches. This can be recreated easily:

  1. Wear a white blouse or button-down shirt.
  2. Add a black knee-length pencil skirt.
  3. Wear black panty hose.
  4. Use an existing leather/faux leather jacket or buy a costume leather jacket.
  5. If it's an inexpensive costume jacket, glue or sew some of the Top Gun themed patches onto it (wings on the left chest area and a large patch on the left sleeve just below the shoulder).
  6. Wear heels or comfortable dress shoes.
  7. Finish it off with some large 80s hair or a blonde wig.

Feel the Need for Speed

Salute this great action movie with a purchased or homemade costume for the next Purim, Halloween, or other fancy dress party. These costumes are comfortable and easy to wear as well as easy to put together.

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Top Gun Costumes