College Humor Jokes

College humor can be hilarious!

Are you searching for funny college jokes? Many of the most popular college humor jokes and pranks are ones that are related to everyday life and studying and are meant to simply poke fun at many of the things that can cause stress while in college. Tell a funny joke while studying with friends or the next time you are a party and need to break the ice.

College Humor Jokes

There are many types of college humor jokes in different areas of interest. Common areas of college humor include:

  • Party jokes
  • Football and sports jokes
  • Studying jokes
  • Jokes about majors
  • Jokes about tests
  • Jokes about the college life

Party Jokes

A lot of common college party jokes play on the idea that college is mostly for partying. An example is the joke, "I went to college and all I got was a hangover." Other common jokes involve party drinking activities, such as hurting one's self during a beer pong game. The jokes are normally meant to make fun of those who spend all their time at parties and not enough time in the classroom.

Try this joke out at your next party:

How did the fraternity brother get a bump on his head? Answer: He was attempting a keg stand.

Football and Sports Jokes

Jokes about college sports and jocks are another common type of joke. Many make fun of jocks as being "stupid" or not interested in the academic portion of college while others may poke fun at how terrible the school's football team is.

Some example of sports jokes are:

  • What does it take for a football player to pass a class? Answer: Show up.
  • How many jocks does it take to complete a term paper? None, that is what having a smart roommate is for!

Major and Studying Jokes

Many common studying jokes pun on the idea of students so involved in their studies that they forget everything else. A common joke that works with most majors is:

Why did the engineering student miss his date? Answer: He was too busy studying.

As there are a large amount of majors at most colleges, there are jokes catered to each major. There are many jokes that make fun of the idea that liberal arts majors are easy. To poke fun at a philosophy major, one may say that all they do is sit under a tree and ponder the world around them.

Test Jokes

There are a lot of common jokes that involve college testing. One funny joke is:

A professor has a classroom filled with students about to take a philosophy final. The only question on the test is "Why?" All of the students begin to write feverishly. One student, however, writes, "Why not?" and leaves. The professor instantly gives him an A.

College Life Jokes

Some of the most popular jokes involve college life. There are many stereotypes that college students are both poor and crafty. Other jokes may involve fraternity or sororities and poke fun at those who join. Some jokes about college life include:

  • What is the best way to save money during college? Answer: Use Happy Hour as your main dining option.
  • Two parents were talking one day and one asked the other what their son was taking in college. The one replied: He's taking every penny I have!
  • How do you know that you have been in college too long? Answer: Your parents are running out of money!
  • How many fraternity brothers does it take to change a light bulb? Answer: None. That's what pledges are for!
  • Where can you find sorority girls? Answer: Dancing on top of tables.
  • Why is studying better than sex? Answer: You can finish early without feeling shame.

Practical Jokes

Another common element of college humor is practical jokes. College residential life especially is known for students playing pranks and tricks upon one another. Some safe but silly college pranks include:

  • Toilet papering the doors in the dorm
  • Filling up a dorm room with balloons
  • Knocking on doors late at night then hiding
  • Setting your roommate's alarm clock for 3 am
  • Moving your roommate's bed out on the lawn
  • Switching the names on the dorm room doors

De-stress With Humor

Whether you prefer jokes or pranks, a good laugh can help alleviate some of the stress of campus life. When situations get too serious, lighten up the mood with a silly prank or some witty jokes to tell your friends that will make everyone around you laugh and will put a smile on their face each time they think of it.

College Humor Jokes