Stainless Steel Contact Paper and What You Need to Know

Steel contact paper

Stainless steel contact paper is used more than you might suspect.

Star of the Kitchen Remake Shows

You've probably seen it on one of the many TV shows for a budget makeover. It's usually when a home is on the market or a homeowner is on a tight budget but desires a better look for her kitchen. Stainless steel is the demi-god of the modern kitchen, but not everyone can afford to change out good appliances for that chic look. Stainless steel contact paper to the rescue. It sounds like too easy a fix. Is it?

Does It Really Look Real?

The ten million dollar question is: does this contact paper really look like real stainless steel? Well, most people claim that even the touch test can't always immediately debunk the refrigerator.

Using Contact Paper

You've debated whether or not to try to buy new stainless steel appliances, but the expense would be too much of a strain on the family budget. Old appliances that still have several years left in their ability to serve you and your family can still be used. The only problem is they look old and tired. It's time to try giving them a new life with stainless steel contact paper. This is contact paper that's been designed to look like stainless steel. Many claim that you cannot tell the difference in real stainless steel and the contact paper. Many people have a stainless steel refrigerator, but they've yet to replace the avocado or gold dishwasher, so they turn to stainless steel contact sheets. Those who've left comments on websites swear that the dishwashers now match the refrigerator and stove. The cost isn't that much, so it's a safe bet after all, that ugly dishwasher is getting more difficult to look at every day. Perhaps this is the right kind of facelift for the time being. But is stainless steel contact paper the right choice for all appliances?

All About Stainless Steel Contact Paper

The first thing you need to understand about stainless steel paper used for resurfacing kitchen appliances is that it is metallic. This means it has a reflective property, but more importantly, you need to be careful with it so as not to bend it or cause a crease in it, just as you could with a thin sheet of metal.

LaCheery Stainless Steel Contact Paper

Can It Withstand Heat?

Many people want to know if they can cover their stoves as well as refrigerators and dishwashers. The answer is no. That's because most contact papers have a thermal rating of only 175 degrees. You can however use it for a microwave if you wish.

Size of Contact Paper

Most of the stainless steel papers come in the same size as other contact papers. The paper comes in a roll that is usually 18 inches wide by 6 feet wide.

Special Features

Most of the metallic papers like the stainless steel are scratch resistant and are very easy to clean. Most of them are a brushed metal finish so fingerprints won't show. All of the stainless steel papers come with the same measuring grid and rule on the back. All you have to do is mark where you need to cut and with a pair of scissors cut the paper to fit. You'll then just peel the paper off of the adhesive back and apply to your appliance.

Tips and Hints

There are few things you need to keep in mind when working with contact paper.

  • Make sure the surface is clean and free from any kind of grit or surface imperfections. The slightest bump or piece of debris will show underneath the paper.
  • Never apply to a range or stove.
  • Make sure your measurements are accurate before cutting.
  • Many people recommend using a squeegee when applying the paper to the surface to keep it wrinkle free.
  • If you have changed out your range for a stainless steel one but still have the old range hood, you can apply stainless steel contact sheets to the hood for a perfect match.
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Stainless Steel Contact Paper and What You Need to Know