21 Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas to Take Your Style to New Heights

If adding style to your ceiling isn't a reason to embrace the latest wallpaper trends, we don't know what is.

Published November 6, 2023

Wallpaper is back, and it's better than ever. In fact, it's so good that designers are carrying it all the way up to the ceiling in many spaces. If you're wondering whether ceiling wallpaper is right for your home, these ideas should give you plenty of inspiration for embracing the daring designer within. 

Use Ceiling Wallpaper as a Bedroom Feature


Decorative headboards are beautiful, but a bit of wallpaper can take your average bedroom set from simply stylish to outright sensational. Use wallpaper directly behind your headboard to draw the eye, then carry it up and halfway across the ceiling as a stunning accent.

Add Ornate Details for a Custom Look


Wallpaper isn't just about patterns, prints, and colors. Texture also comes into play. Heavy, patterned textures can add ornate details to your home's ceiling. Many textured wallpapers are paintable, so you can truly customize the look. But even if you stick with plain white, this sort of texture will give your ceilings (and the rest of your home) a custom-built look.

Get the Shiplap Look


Shiplap isn't as popular as it was a few years ago, but it's still a lovely option for a feature wall or ceiling. Plus, it can be timeless when done correctly. Get the look without investing in all the lumber by choosing a wallpaper that resembles shiplap in a color that suits your style.

Quick Tip

If white shiplap feels too farmhouse for your home, a black shiplap look might feel more cohesive.

Watercolor Clouds Are Dreamy


If you're designing a master bedroom, guest space, or living room with the term "serene" in mind, this wallpaper trend is the final touch you need. Watercolor clouds feel dreamy and add the peaceful vibes of nature-inspired style to your space.

Add Trendy Texture


Texture is just as important for your interior space as color and atmosphere. Texture brings dimension, interest, and personality to your room, and a trendy texture on your ceiling brings subtle style to the space without overwhelming your home. 

Marble Brings All the Glamour


If texture is too subtle for your style, make a statement with glam marble wallpaper. This bold print adds movement to your space and draws the eye up toward your ceiling for a serious style statement that sets your home apart. If glam interior style speaks to you, marble wallpaper is a must. 

Personalize Your Bathroom


Yes, you can wallpaper your bathroom! As long your wallpaper is washable and your bathroom is properly ventilated, it will hold up. Choose a wallpaper that makes your bathroom feel like a getaway and carry it all the way up to the ceiling for a touch of powder room drama.

Need to Know

You can combine wallpaper with other feature wall applications like panels or wood slats for plenty of dimension and interest.

Pair a Bold Pattern With Neutral Decor


If you like to stick to neutral decor in your home, a fun ceiling wallpaper might help you embrace some of the bolder trends up and coming in the design world. A large print or a paper with rich colors makes a statement alongside white, gray, or beige walls and furnishings.

Embrace a Vintage Style


We love a nod to the classic styles of centuries past, and wallpaper is a great way to weave in those vintage looks. Pair ceiling wallpaper in a geometric pattern with a statement paper on your wall for a traditional look with all the old-world vibes.

Make a Slanted Wall Look Stunning


Slanted walls and sloped ceilings can be interior design conundrums. In this case, wallpaper can turn your home's most frustrating feature into a stunning feature wall. 

Go Bright and Bold for a Kids Room


Wallpaper ceiling features aren't just for your formal areas or primary bathroom. They can add exciting style to a child's bedroom or playroom. Colorful wallpapers or unique murals bring a beautiful expression of style to your little one's space. 

Use Peel & Stick Paper for a Rental


Yes, you can use peel-and-stick wallpaper if you're renting, and you can totally add it to your ceiling. Wallpapering a ceiling is never a truly easy job, but you might find the finished look is well worth the effort. If you need a renter-friendly wallpaper tutorial, LoveToKnow editor Karen has all the real-life peel-and-stick wallpaper tips for you. 

Elevate the Moody Vibes


Nothing ruins those dark and moody vibes in your home like a stark white ceiling. Cover the basic look with a dramatic wallpaper featuring a dark color scheme or use paintable wallpaper on your ceiling to carry your deep wall color all the way up. Now that's a moody style statement. 

Feature a Trendy Pattern


If you're going to embrace a trend, you may as well embrace it fully. Featuring a trending pattern, color, or texture on your ceiling with a striking wallpaper shows off your style savvy and trend-forward aesthetic.

Show Off a Preppy Print


With old money and academic styles on trend, wallpapers with classic preppy prints will keep you ahead of the interior design game. Wide stripes, pinstripes, and muted paisley prints are timeless choices that are all having a "moment" in home decor.

Embrace Nature With Grasscloth


Grasscloth never truly goes out of style, but with the rise of biophilic design and nature-inspired aesthetics, it feels trendy for the moment. Set yourself apart from the typical grasscloth applications (like bathrooms and bedrooms) and feature your textured paper on the ceiling. 

Feature Florals for Certain Design Aesthetics


If you know you want to feature wallpaper on your ceiling but you aren't sure of the pattern you want to choose, consider a light and airy floral. For certain design styles, florals on the ceiling elevate the dreamy aesthetic. Here are some styles to try with floral wallpaper:

Use Subtle Prints & Textures


If you want to use wallpaper on the walls and ceiling, drenching your space in the print, look for a subtle pattern or texture. The abudance of the decor feature makes a large enough statement on its on. So you can opt for the simple print and let the rest of your design elements step into the spotlight.

Try Artsy & Academic Styles


For your home office, study, or guest space, a wallpaper that gives your room an academic air is elegant. Wallpapers that make your ceiling feel like it's carved out of a rich, expensive wood create a sophisticated vibe that says you have an appreciation for art, culture, and knowledge. 

Literal Photos Can Work


They may not work in every design situation, but still-life photos and wallpaper murals can be beautiful on your ceiling. If your home has eclectic vibes or a fun sunroom, alcove, or reading nook, the idea of a realistic photo plastered to your ceiling may come across as a daring design move rather than an awkward photo placement.

Get the Industrial Look You've Always Wanted


The trending brick look is hard to accomplish if there's no real brick in your home. But, wallpaper that looks like brick is an option. If you carry the paper up to your ceiling, you create an industrial look for your house or apartment that makes you feel like you're starring in a sitcom about living with friends in an upscale loft as you figure out life.

Let Wallpaper Take Your Style to New Heights


To reach the peak of your interior decor journey, you may have to take some risks along the way. One of those risks may be applying wallpaper to the highest point of your home. If you take this risk, the payoff will be a flood of style compliments whenever guests step through your door.

21 Ceiling Wallpaper Ideas to Take Your Style to New Heights