Circle of Friends Candle Holder

Circle of friends candle holder
A circle of friends candle holder bonds friendships together

When you give a circle of friends candle holder to someone you care about, legend says your friendship will be bonded together forever. These candle holders feature a ring of friends with arms entwined, circling a candle. They come in a variety of sizes and styles, and make great conversation pieces.

The Legend of the Circle of Friends

Many sites that offer these symbolic candle holders tell of the ancient Mayan Indian legend that describes the meaning behind the decorative pieces. Here is the legend:

Circle of Friends

The Indian legend says that at the end of the evening, friends would gather around a bonfire and share their hearts and speak of the good qualities of each other and remember times shared. As the embers faded, their friendship was said to be sealed anew bringing them closer together. As you sit with the candle lit in the middle of your circle of friends, it will surround and embrace all who sit with you and bring good luck to those who stay together.

Various Styles of Circle of Friends Candle Holders

From traditional clay Mayan and Aztec figures to fun, unconventional figures and materials, circle of friends candle holders are available in different styles, sizes and types.

Traditional Circle of Friends

Many of the candle holders representing the circle of friends are made with figures representing the Mayan people of long-ago. They are often handmade in Mexico using a very primitive method of working with clay. Considered to be a pre-Columbian art form, the figures are often made to have the style and look of ancient Mayan or Aztec Indians.

The number of figures in a circle of friends range from three to seven. The figures can be standing or sitting and can be depicted as male or female. Depending on the size and style of the piece, they can hold tea light, votive or pillar candles.

The clay used to make the candle holders is usually in shades that are soft and muted. The primitive looking pieces are generally in shades that include:

  • Brown
  • Tan
  • Blue
  • Green
  • Red
  • Any mixture or combination of the colors
  • Terra cotta, which is a mixture of buff and red clay

Where to Buy

Traditional candle holders with the circle of friends motif can be found at many home decor outlets, or you can browse the various colors and sizes online. Here are some examples of the different varieties.

  • offers a circle of friends that features five friends in a slightly more modernized style.
  • Direct From Mexico features two styles of clay circle of friends candle holders. One has seven friends and the other has four.

Non-Traditional Circle of Friends

For those people who prefer a candle holder in a circle of friends style that is different from the rustic look of clay with primitive figures, there are many choices. Candle holders representing a circle of friends are also made of many different materials including:

When made from non-traditional materials, these candle holders usually take artistic license in design. The characters portrayed in the circle of friends can be just about anyone or anything, from mythical figures to animals. These candle holders with a different twist make wonderful gifts for people who have a special interest or like to collect themed items.

Great Gifts for Friends

A circle of friends candle holder makes a beautiful and thoughtful gift for a special person's birthday or anniversary. They are also perfect for holiday gift giving or as a "just because you are my friend" present. When giving one of these unique candle holders, make sure to add a pretty candle and a copy of the legend to make the gift complete.

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Circle of Friends Candle Holder