Good Quotes About Cheerleading

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Good quotes about cheerleading can range from one line adages to quotes about character and spirit.

What Is a Cheerleader

In past generations, cheerleaders were often chosen based on popularity votes. In general, the girls who made the cheerleading squad were well-liked and well-known by the student body, but they may not have been athletes. However, cheerleading in those days typically didn't require a girl to exhibit any specific skill. As long as a girl had lots of school spirit and a resounding voice, she could meet the criteria for being a cheerleader.

Times have changed, and a cheerleading squad is much more than just a pep squad. Certainly, cheerleaders still have to be full of pep and spirit, but they are also required to meet much more difficult qualifications. Today, cheerleading is a sport, and many good cheerleading quotes echo this statement. Cheerleaders must be athletic. They have to be strong, flexible, agile, and talented. Many cheerleaders participate in outside training in order to be the best at stunts and tumbling. Cheerleaders, both male and female, often begin the sport in elementary or middle school and continue to cheer throughout high school and college.

Motivation for Good Quotes About Cheerleading

Once people recognize the fact that cheerleading is indeed a highly competitive sport, they are often motivated to write cheerleading quotes. When writing good quotes about cheerleading, consider what points you want to make. You could include some or all of the following aspects:

  • Talent
  • Character
  • Ability
  • Dedication
  • Bravery
  • Stamina
  • Hard work
  • Teamwork

The following is a list of original quotes about cheerleading. Use them as motivation to write some of your own!

  • "While we may not hit the field, we rock the world!"
  • "While some athletes are judged on how hard they hit, cheerleaders are judged on how high they jump and how loud they yell."
  • "Think cheerleading isn't a sport? Think again!"
  • "We just came here to watch the cheerleaders!"
  • "Think a male cheerleader is a wimp? How many of you can hold up a 140 pound girl with one arm?"
  • "As we raise our arms, we raise your spirits!"
  • "Players get breaks between quarters and at halftime, but there is no rest for a cheerleader!"
  • "Think anyone can be a cheerleader? Really? Can you flip in the air, tumble backwards across the gym floor, balance on one leg high in the air, and fly through the air during a basket toss?"
  • "Just because you're an athlete doesn't mean you can cheer!"
  • "Cheerleaders are construction artists. They build the best pyramids!"
  • "I'd rather be cheerleading!"
  • "Cheerleaders risk their lives for the sake of the team and their fans!"
  • "Cheerleaders can do the impossible-fly!"
  • "Cheerleaders rock the world and rule the sidelines!"
  • "You're a weight lifter? I'm a people lifter!"
  • "Whether a base or a flyer, cheerleaders never tire!"
  • "You can't just fake spirit; you have to live it!"
  • "Cheerleaders make a difference!"
  • "A game without cheerleaders is a world without spirit."
  • "You're never without friends if you are a cheerleader."
  • "Cheerleaders are champions!"
  • "Cheerleaders have hearts of gold and nerves of steel."
  • "You have to want to cheer, to be a cheerleader!"

If you want to try your hand at writing cheerleading quotes, simply think about what the sport of cheerleading is all about. While your quotes certainly don't have to rhyme, they can inspire others to follow in the footsteps of all those cheerleaders who have gone before them!For more quotes on the sport of cheerleading or cheerleaders, visit the following sites:

Good Quotes About Cheerleading